There Are A Few Major Clues That Bri & Chris Are Together After Listen To Your Heart

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There are a lot of couples still figuring out where they stand on The Bachelor's Listen to Your Heart, but Bri Stauss and Chris Watson are not one of them. These two clicked almost immediately and their chemistry developed even more in the second episode. During their first actual date, they both even admitted to falling in love. Aww. This couple may go the distance, too, because Bri and Chris' Instagrams have some big clues as to how everything unfolded after the cameras stopped rolling.
First and foremost, yes, they are both following each other on the social media site. That doesn't always mean everything, but it doesn't mean nothing either.
Ahead of the Week 2 episode airing on ABC, Bri called their Guitar Center date "the best date ever" in the comments section on an Instagram photo posted by Guitar Center.
Also, right after returning from filming Listen To Your Heart in February, Bri posted a photo to Instagram with a telling caption: "This has already been the greatest year of my life and I can’t wait to share so many things with you! Soon," she wrote alongside a heart emoji. Greatest year, huh? Sounds like things went well with Chris.
Chris seemed to hint that they're still together and doing well as of April 18 when he covered the song called "Still in Love" by Thirdstory. He could have covered any song, and considering that he and Bri bonded over their affinity for communicating via song, it seems particularly meaningful that he chose a song with such a telling title.
Host Chris Harrison previously hinted that there could be an engagement at the end of the show. And, right now, Chris Watson and Bri Stauss seem to be the frontrunners in that area. Not only did they confess to falling for each other, but one of their duets was teased in the "later this season" preview, which suggests that they stay on the show for a while.
And while both Chris and Bri admitted that this is the first time they've felt like this in a while and that trust has been an issue for them in the past, they're talking through the big stuff and being vulnerable with each other. For example, during their date, Bri told Chris about how her ex-fiancé broke up with her as she was trying on wedding dresses. (Ouch.) And Chris later said that Bri made him feel like he "could trust" again. Plus, since Bri said she best communicates her feelings via song, it's probably for the best that she dates a singer. 
Their chemistry is palpable and the other contestants have joked that the duo is basically already picking out baby names. They haven't known each other for long, but it's clear they fell quickly. And if these bread crumbs are leading us in the right directly, we've got another Bachelor success story on our hands.
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