Fans Think Gigi Hadid’s Birthday Party Was Actually A Sex Reveal

Photo: Kristy Sparow/Getty Images.
Just when you thought life had gotten unbearably boring in quarantine, Gigi Hadid is reportedly pregnant. While the star herself hasn't confirmed TMZ's report that she and boyfriend Zayn Malik are expecting their first child, fans are now noticing a number of clues from people like mother Yolanda Hadid as well as details about the model's 25th birthday party that have them convinced.
The latest theory is that Hadid's birthday celebration on her family's Pennsylvania farm doubled as a party to reveal the sex of her reported baby. Doctors can typically determine the sex of a baby between 16 and 20 weeks of pregnancy, and Hadid is reportedly at five months, making it the perfect time for her midpregnancy ultrasound. But instead of science, it's balloons that have fans speculating.
In photos Hadid posted from the big day, she's holding a pair of balloons that make the number "25." However, look closely at the strings on those balloons.
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One is blue and one is pink — the colors used to represent boys and girls for traditional sex reveals.
"The blue and pink strings. It was a gender reveal party as well?? Also I think that it's a boy since Gigi is holding the balloon with blue strings," one fan tweeted about the photos.
"The blue string..." another fan commented on Instagram. "It's a boy."
In a photo of Hadid and Malik and embracing in the Instagram carousel, Hadid is holding just the balloon with the blue string. Some fans think the picture was taken just after they revealed the baby's sex — male — and the couple hugged in celebration.
However, this is all speculation, since we still don't know if the report is true. It's possible Hadid will pull a Kylie Jenner and say nothing until the baby is born, or perhaps burst out onto the scene with a pregnancy photoshoot. Right now, though, all Hadid can do is stay inside. In that sense, there's no better time to be a private, pregnant celeb than during quarantine.

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