Did Gigi Hadid’s Mom Low-Key Confirm Her Pregnancy On Instagram?

Photo: Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images.
Super fans of Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik are celebrating because their faves are reportedly expecting a child together. But it’s unlikely that anyone is as excited about the new addition as Hadid’s mother, number one #Zigi stan Yolanda — who very well may have been hinting at the good news days before it broke.
Days ago, the Hadids threw Gigi a quarantine birthday party at their sprawling Pennsylvania farm to celebrate her 25th birthday. Malik was there, of course, and the birthday girl was aglow with happiness. Looking back at the Instagram posts from the big day, however, it’s totally possible that Gigi’s glow was from something else.
Yolanda’s birthday shoutout hints that she was possibly already clued into the pregnancy news. The former model and television personality posted a curiously cropped picture of herself with a black-clad Gigi, accompanied by a loving caption. 
“Happy birthday my love, my precious angel,” penned Yolanda to her oldest child.  “Yesterday 25 years ago was the best day of my life, giving birth to you and raising you has taught me the true meaning of commitment and unconditional love....”
“May your days always be blessed with love, light and happiness,” she concluded. “But most of all great health.”
Now, most moms are prone to this level of sentimentality, but knowing what we know now, it’s could be that Yolanda was sending her daughter both general motherly love and well-wishes on her pregnancy. TMZ reported that Gigi is currently 20 weeks along, which means that she has officially reached the halfway mark of her pregnancy and is gearing up for even more serious physical changes; at 20 weeks, expecting mothers can experience a range of uncomfortable physical symptoms that include body aches and Braxton-Hicks.
So yeah, good health is key right now. 
It could be a reach — Yolanda might just be the kind of mom who doesn’t know how to crop pictures normally — but if Gigi is pregnant, then her mother might have actually teased the tea days ago without us even realizing it.

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