All About The Farm Where Gigi Hadid Has Been Spending Quarantine

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Yesterday, news broke that Gigi Hadid is reportedly expecting her first child with longtime, on-again-off-again boyfriend Zayn Malik. As fans were scrambling to share and react to the pregnancy news, however, Hadid was continuing to live her laid back quarantine lifestyle on a farm in Pennsylvania. That's right, while the Keystone State seems like an unlikely place for the supermodel to spend the beginning stages of her pregnancy, the farm actually belongs to her mom Yolanda Hadid, and it sounds like Gigi is really enjoying her time hunkered down on the charming and tranquil property.
Before news of her pregnancy broke, Hadid graced the April 2020 cover of Harper's Bazaar, and in her cover interview, she spoke very fondly of farm life. "The farm has really made me remember, and bring back to my life, my most simple pleasures," Hadid explained. She revealed that she's been spending her time there doing art, yoga, gardening, and cooking. She's also enjoying time with her loved ones, including Malik and a gaggle of animals.
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In August of 2017, Yolanda Hadid announced via Instagram that she was "finally all moved in" to her new farm on the east coast. Since then, she and her kids have shared breathtaking photos of the property, which is located in New Hope, a town about 30 miles outside of Philadelphia. Based on images scattered across the family's Instagram accounts, the Hadids aren't the only ones that inhabit the farm. As mentioned in the Harper's interview, it's got all sorts of animals, including chickens, goats, sheep, cattle, ponies, and of course, horses, which both Hadid sisters spend plenty of time riding.
In addition to animals, the Hadid homestead is also filled with flora, including whole fields of lavender. Lavender has long been a favorite of Yolanda, and now that they're spending quarantine with their mom, both Gigi and Bella are getting in on the lavender love. Just a few days ago, Bella shared on Instagram that she and her mom and sister had planted 1,500 new lavender plants.
The trio also dug up the old lavender plants, 300 of which will be added to a homemade crystal "labyrinth" they're creating on the property. According to Vogue, this makeshift shrine is among many other quarantine projects, like homemade candles and family recipes, that the supermodel sisters have shared throughout their time on the farm. It all sounds like a very soothing way to spend shelter-in-place, pregnant or not.

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