It Certainly Looks Like Listen To Your Heart’s Jamie Is After More Than A Music Career

Photo: courtesy of ABC.
If she wasn't on Listen to Your Heart, Jamie Gabrielle could be on The Bachelor based simply on the fact that Jamie's Instagram has all the Bachelor contestant hallmarks. Even though she's now on a show about becoming the next great musical sensation (and also finding love), her Instagram is more about her outfits of the day and glam looks than her singing.  
Prior to going on the show, Jamie's Instagram only had one video of her singing from last April. Now that the show has premiered, she's posted two more videos, but that content is pretty few and far between on her feed.
While her username, @jamiegabriellemusic, references her singing career, her page seems to be more about style and beauty than music. In that way, she certainly differs from many of her fellow contestants. Most of them have social media pages that are filled with videos of their songs and not much else.
Before she had a platform like Listen to Your Heart, Jamie's influencing dreams hadn't really taken off. She had 7,000 followers and was jokingly asking brands to sponsor her. "This is not an ad...but like sponsor me? @princesspollyboutique," she captioned a photo of her wearing a red dress from the brand.
On most of her pre-show photos, she had a long list of hashtags in all her captions typically used to attract the attention of potential followers. On this selfie of her wearing a sweater, she hashtagged the clothing brand and the brand of makeup she was wearing, along with "#model" "#modeling" "#fallfashion" and more. I'm not knocking the hustle, I'm just saying it's clear that the hustle was taking place. 
The best thing Jamie could have done for a budding influencing career was go on a reality show like The Bachelor, or the next best thing — Listen to Your Heart. In one week, her following on Instagram jumped by over 10,000 followers. That number is likely to increase each week as she continues to grab lots of camera time. By the end of most Bachelor Nation shows, popular contestants can have millions of followers and are able to transition that following into a full time job.
Obviously Jamie loves music and she may prioritize that career offline, but it seems pretty clear that she's not writing off the very lucrative Instagram influencing game.
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