Khloé Kardashian Shockingly Isn’t Ruling Out Having Another Baby With Tristan Thompson

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After stepping out on Khloé Kardashian just before the birth of their daughter True (and getting caught on camera doing so) Thompson’s relationship with the Kardashian ended after he once again betrayed her by allegedly kissing Kylie Jenner’s then-BFF Jordyn Woods. It was a scandal that marked the new era of the Kardashians, and made Thompson a villain in the eyes of many. Yet while Khloé is (smartly) okay putting her romantic relationship with Thompson in the rearview, it seems Thompson wants to have another baby with Khloé — and she’s not ruling it out. 
On Thursday’s episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, Thompson calls Khloé to tell her that she’s about to receive yet another present from him. This time, it’s a Dior bag, which she can definitely afford to buy on her own. It seems that this designer present is just one more way for Thompson to stay connected to Khloé. 
“Coming from the guy who, when we were together, I don’t think bought me one thing,” Khloé jokes on the phone with Thompson, who admits he was “el cheapo” during their relationship. He is currently in the middle of an $82 million NBA contract, but okay. 
“I just want to be really smart and not have any of these lines blurred,” admits Khloé. “It’s just very confusing.” 
Given that during the time of filming, Thompson was busy thirsting over Khloé on Instagram, I totally agree. 
Over FaceTime, Khloé and Thompson go through the toys True left in Thompson’s place in Ohio, where he lives to play for the Cleveland Cavaliers. When Khloé tells Thompson he can donate a toy that’s for infants, he asks what will happen when they have True’s sibling and have to buy everything all over again. 
“Who's having another girl with you?” Khloé asks. 
“I’m just saying, True does need a sibling, so,” Thompson remarks, perhaps forgetting that True already has a sibling: His son, Prince. 
“I might get some embryos, and get a sibling,” she says. “I may need some sperm and [will] get some for you, but that’s another episode.” 
This is pretty much Kris Jenner’s dream, realized. In last week’s episode, she pushed for Khloé to freeze her eggs and possibly reconnect with Thompson over having another kid. 
While it doesn’t seem like Khloé has any intentions of getting back together with Thompson (as she’s said, she really hates these blurred lines) she’s also pretty open to letting him back in her life in a huge way. 
Big mistake? Huge? Who's to say!

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