Kanye West Wants His Dream House To Have A Waterfall Entrance

Photo: Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for Kanye West Yeezy.
Kanye West is no doubt one of the most remarkable musicians and artists of our time. But above all else, West is a visionary with a futuristic obsession with pastel shades and stone colors. His iconic Vogue cover with wife Kim Kardashian West changed the course of pop culture history. And their Axel Vervoordt-designed home in Hidden Hills, California has made multiple headlines for its weird sinks, light switches, and overall monastic aesthetic.
In a recent interview with GQ, West talked about religion and politics, but he also shared a tour of the 1,400-acre ranch he purchased in Cody, Wyoming. West Lake Ranch has two lakes (one full of all kinds of trout) and caves full of Native American pictographs. And of course, hundreds of wild animals and cattle roam the sprawling property.
While West's big plans for the land are ever-evolving, he does have a pretty clear vision of what the main residence will look like. In fact, he has a 3-D rendering of his dream home and it depicts a big ring-shaped building with a circle cut into the center roof that would have a clear view of the sky. Around the ring, there would be pod-like rooms, the closet, and cinema being the two biggest ones. The main entrance, of course, would be hidden behind a waterfall. You can't help but compare it to Syndrome's mega-complex in The Incredibles. In fact, this dream house looks like the ever-stylish lairs of all the pop culture villains we end up relating to when we're older.
The home is part of a larger creative exercise where West imagines a kind of utopic home that is sustainable and mindful of our mental health. He has a fleet of "Yeezy architects" and has been talking to his main, Axel Vervoordt, as well as famous architect Claudio Silvestrin and light and space artist, James Turrell to work out all the ideas and problems he's aiming to solve. It'd be pretty cool if open-air living rooms and pod rooms became the new normal.
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