Tiny Home Living Practices Anyone Can Adopt In The Name Of Sustainability

Photo: Getty Images.
One of the primary positive impacts that's discussed in connection with the Tiny House Movement is how much more sustainable the small space lifestyle is compared with standard living practices. Yet, as desperate as many of us are to reverse the effects of climate change, purging the majority of our belongings, completely changing our daily routines, and moving into 170-square-foot spaces just isn't an option for all of us. The good news is, there are easy practices inspired by the tiny home lifestyle that almost anyone can apply every day with the goal of living more eco-conscious lives.
To find out what these practices are, we spoke to Jenna Spesard, the tiny home dweller behind the Tiny House Giant Journey blog and YouTube channel. She shared a few eco-friendly habits we can start trying out ourselves just in time for Earth Day.

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