38 CBD Beauty Products Women In Weed Actually Use

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If you want to know how to protect your hair and skin at the beach, you ask a surfer. When it comes time to shop for new beauty product releases, buyers have all the best insight. But when you want to navigate the rapidly-growing cannabis beauty and self-care space, it's the women who work in weed that have all the answers.
To celebrate 4/20 — the unofficial cannabis holiday with more than a few origin theories — we tapped 10 women who are dominating their corner of the industry for the hemp- and CBD-spiked beauty products they swear by for a healthy complexion, relaxing bath, better intimacy, and so much more.
You won't find any THC prerolls recommended by budtenders ahead (that kind of celebrating depends on your local laws and personal health), but you will find sophisticated tinctures, balms, and bath bombs picked by women who have joined various parts of the "green rush." From a cannabis investor to an indie New York ceramic pipe designer, a reality star-slash-dispensary owner to a grow software professional, the raddest women in weed are sharing their cannabis picks, ahead.
Of course, don't forget that marijuana is still illegal at the federal level, so be sure to read all the fine print to see how your state controls products with any form of cannabis (even non-psychoactive) before placing an order. Because of this, availability varies by state.
Refinery29 in no way encourages illegal activity and would like to remind its readers that marijuana usage continues to be an offense under Federal Law, regardless of state marijuana laws.
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Tahira Rehmatullah

President, T3 Ventures

Rehmatullah joined the cannabis industry after graduating from Yale School of Management in 2014 and is now based in New York City. She's an investor focused on early- and growth-stage companies across the cannabis industry and consults for a variety of cannabis brands, platforms, and retail operations.

What do people not understand about people who work in cannabis?
"The cannabis industry, like every other industry, is filled with diverse people who come from all backgrounds and have varying goals. Some are consumers, some are not. Some are fighting for social justice and repairing communities who have been harmed by the War on Drugs. Some are focused on building empires. The point is that cannabis itself is a diverse and far-reaching product, so those who work in cannabis are as well."

Are you celebrating 4/20?
"I'm participating in the Miss Grass Summit, which they describe as a virtual smoking sesh, a lunch and learn, and a workshop all rolled into one. I'll be moderating a conversation about restorative justice with Sarah Gerson and Steve DeAngelo of the Last Prisoner Project, an organization that focuses on three key criminal-justice reform initiatives: clemency, expungement, and reentry. The summit is free, but donations support the Last Prisoner Project and their COVID-19 Emergency Relief Fund, an initiative to release the 40,000 people still in prison for cannabis."

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Superflower Everyday CBD Serum

"I have sensitive skin, so I tend not to be too adventurous when trying new products," says Rehmatullah, noting that when she found this hydrating, soothing oil, it quickly replaced her daily moisturizer. "The team behind Superflower spent two years learning about CBD and other key ingredients and formulating this product — and it shows."
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Gossamer Dusk CBD

"Like many people, I have trouble sleeping, so I use this before I go to sleep a few times a week," Rehmatullah says. "The combination of CBD, CBN, and terpenes makes for a good night's sleep."
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The Greater Goods Dynamites

"I think all self-care routines should involve candy," Rehmatullah says. "This nostalgic product is full of taste and has 50 mg of fast-acting, sublingual CBD. Just like I did in my youth, I eat the packet and let the explosions run free in my mouth."
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Jenny Wichman

Founder, Yew Yew Shop

Wichman started her Rockaway Beach, New York-based company as a side hustle in 2017 selling elevated ceramic pipes (which are still some of the prettiest we've seen). The brand soon progressed into a full-blown lifestyle e-shop — and Wichman's full-time job. Today, she's working on expanding her product line of full-spectrum CBD products and cannabis accessories.

What is it like to work in cannabis?
"It can be frustrating because even though CBD and pipes are legal in the U.S., they are considered 'high risk' which poses problems with online payment processors and banks, and running traditional advertisements is nearly impossible. In this industry, you have to be creative and find alternative ways to sell and market your product."

How are you celebrating 4/20?
"I'll be quarantined safely at home experimenting with making some edibles! I just got a Levo machine and can't wait to break it in, just in time for the holiday."

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Foria Basic Suppositories

Foria is best known for its intimacy lube, but Wichman discovered something just as genius from the brand: suppositories. "They relieve period cramps like nothing else I've tried," she says. "Insert it vaginally before your tampon or cup. I usually feel relief within 30 minutes."
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Yew Yew CBD Tincture

"I designed it to be my most ideal daytime tincture," Wichman says about her in-house CBD line's product. To use, drop under your tongue and hold for one minute before swallowing. "It works to reduce anxiety and tastes great," she says. "It has a custom blend of terpenes that give it a bright, citrusy pine taste."
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Rosebud CBD Chocolates

"This vegan chocolate bar tastes amazing and has 100mg of CBD per bar," Wichman says. "Eat a few squares or even the whole bar — no judgement."
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Diana Tsui

Editorial Director, MedMen

Tsui worked in editorial for over a decade across publications like New York Magazine and InStyle before relocating to Los Angeles in 2019 to oversee MedMen's blog, EMBER. She publishes a range of content, from gourmet cannabis-infused recipes (she recommends trying the cacio e pepe) to CBD guides and pieces on cannabis culture. Known as the "Apple store of cannabis," MedMen now has locations across the U.S. and is primed to be the American cannabis heavyweight.
What are the big misconceptions about women in the cannabis industry?
"It’s still a predominantly male field but there are so many amazing female-led brands now, which is really exciting. They’re doing everything from flower to tinctures to edibles, so it’s not just 'female-centric' products. It’s just good stuff, regardless of gender."
Are you celebrating 4/20? If so, how?
"With shelter-in-place laws, it’s definitely not going to be your normal 4/20 celebration. I’m going to keep it low-key and relax with an edible while catching up on the latest season of Killing Eve. I wish I could be celebrating with friends but there’s always next year."

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Papa & Barkley Releaf Balm

"This balm is my go-to for all of my aches and pains," Tsui says. "I’ll use it after a hard workout or if I have bad cramps. I’ll rub a dime-size amount on the area and I usually feel much better within minutes. It smells like eucalyptus and lavender so it’s very relaxing, plus there’s also peppermint oil so there’s a nice cooling sensation." (Also available at MedMen, depending on your state.)
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Care By Design CBD Drops

Tsui prefers these CBD drops when feeling tense."Place a few drops under your tongue when you’re feeling particularly anxious," she says. "You can also add it to a smoothie or coffee if you prefer to mask its taste."
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Kush Queen Shield For Immunity CBD Bath Bomb

"My mind tends to go into overdrive at night and one of the best ways to calm it down before bedtime is by taking a bath," Tsui says. "These bath bombs smell really good — they’re infused with lavender. Drop it in, turn on some chill music, and you’ll be ready for bed in no time."
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Hope Wiseman

Founder, Mary and Main

If you watch WAGS Atlanta, then you might know Wiseman as the youngest Black dispensary owner in Maryland (and possibly even the whole country at one point). Mary and Main, her Capitol Heights retail location, is thriving.

How did you get into cannabis?
"I began my journey in the cannabis industry in 2014 right after I graduated from college. I started doing research and realized cannabis was becoming mainstream."

Are you celebrating 4/20? If so, how?
"I am hosting a virtual cannabis conference called the 4|20 Experience. There are over 30 speakers, 12 panels and workshops, and some live entertainment. I will have conversations with Angela Rye, Tamika Mallory, and Jim Jones along with quite a few cannabis speakers. This is going to a virtual experience like no other!"

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Kush Queen CBD Bath Bomb

"This bath bomb is great relief after a long day at work," Wiseman says. "I drop it right in the bath."
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PIF Zen Infused Tea

"I love being able to use products in ways that mirror my current routines," Wiseman says. "I love tea, so being able to have my tea pre-infused with CBD is just an added bonus. I have a cup first thing in the morning."
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GasHouse Balla Berries

"CBD flower is known to be low quality, but not with GasHouse," Wiseman says. "Their hemp flower is perfect for relaxing at the end of the day instead of a glass of wine. All the same chill as flower from THC without the 'high.'"
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Alex Capano

Chief Science Officer, Ecofibre & Ananda Health

As novel as it sounds, Capano is a doctor of cannabis. (Technically it's a Doctor of Nursing Practice in Medical Cannabis Science & Education from Thomas Jefferson University, but you get it.) After finishing her doctoral program in Philadelphia in 2017, she went to work for a cannabis technology and health company.

How would you describe your work?
"I wear a lot of different hats in my current role. I lecture at clinical conferences and develop education programs for different stakeholders: clinicians, retailers, and consumers. I develop specialized products and also work with academic partners on clinical research trials. I recently published a study on CBD’s effects on opioid use and quality of life. Recently, I’ve taken on a larger role in business development."
What are the big misconceptions about women in cannabis?
 "Women in cannabis are serious entrepreneurs. They are sharp and they are enterprising. They are hustlers. But they’re still very collaborative and supportive of one another, and so many prioritize addressing social-justice issues. I think the combination of those traits is too rarely seen."

What do people not understand about people who work in cannabis?
"People think it’s much more glamorous than it really is. There might be all-nighters, but they’re spent working instead of partying."  
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Bliss Cannabis Infused Intimacy Oil

"I just had twins in January and this helped restore my sex life after feeling like my body had been hijacked and put through the wringer," Capano says about the Bliss product, a line she helped develop. "You apply it topically before sex, whether alone or with a partner. It works best if you let it take effect for 10-15 minutes."
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Gossamer Dusk CBD

"I’ve never been a good sleeper, but I’m so busy these days that I really can’t afford to toss and turn at night," Capano says of Gossamer Dusk, which she also helped to formulate. "Dusk has both CBD and CBN in it. CBN is a lesser-known cannabinoid that isn’t psychoactive and helps with sleep."
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Kimberly Dillon

Founder, Plant & Prosper and Frigg

Dillon got her start as the chief marketing officer of Papa & Barkley in 2016 — which, when it comes to cannabis, was early days. Today, she works as a strategic marketing consultant and business coach for emerging and established cannabis and hemp brands and is working on her own adaptogenic hair-growth product line called Frigg on the side.

What are the big misconceptions about working in cannabis?
"That it's any different than any other industry. The same things that impact other industries impact cannabis. On the positive side, though, is that cannabis is a brand-new industry, so we get to write the rules in some ways. I think the community and collaborative aspects of the original cannabis movement can serve as an inspiration for a new way of business post-COVID-19."

Are you celebrating 4/20? If so, how?
"I am doing a Zoom virtual sesh with the crew over at Miss Grass featuring Chelsea Handler."

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Potli Apple Cider Vinegar

"I love the versatility of Potli's kitchen staples," Dillon says. "I recently used this to make a super calming and immune boosting fire cider as my go-to during this pandemic."
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Quim Rock Smooth Operator Lube

"It's one of the few CBD lubes that is water-soluble," says Dillon, "so it's good for single people as oil-based lubes can make latex condoms way less effective. It's great lubricator, and let's just say once you use a lube with cannabinoids, you will never go back."
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O.G. Tonic Chill Tinctures

"I love ashwagandha even more than I love CBD," Dillon says. "It is literally the best botanical for calming the mind. It also helps me focus. I use CBD tinctures by adding them to my smoothies and teas."
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Jessica Wren Olson

Sr. Vice President of The MOTA Group

Olson got into cannabis two years ago when she joined the founding team of MOTA, a members-only cannabis lounge that will be located in the historic 1913 Diamond building in downtown Los Angeles’ jewelry district when it opens this year. In other words, it's like the Soho House for weed.

How would you describe your role at MOTA?
"As with any startup, I'm the wearer of many hats. From overseeing construction, to solidifying details of partnerships and managing vendors, to membership details, to solidifying connections within hospitality, to the overall design aesthetic and vibe of what’s to come at MOTA… I have to be well-versed and involved in it all!"

What do people not understand about people who work in cannabis?
"Those in cannabis are oftentimes from business and mainstream industry backgrounds, excitedly taking on new roles in this diverse and fast-growing industry. Everyone I know and have met in the industry takes personal responsibility to create positive change, and to help shift the perception of cannabis by providing education of the plant’s many benefits through the products and companies they represent — all with the common goal of normalizing and breaking the negative stigma about the plant. Together we are rewriting history and helping to right the wrongs of the past, but there is still much work to be done and a long road ahead."

Are you celebrating 4/20? If so, how? "Unfortunately, I have to sit this year out as I will be almost seven months pregnant!"

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Saint Jane Beauty Serum

"I cannot say enough great things about this product," Olson says. "It’s all natural with 20 nutrient-rich botanicals, coupled with the curative benefits of full-spectrum CBD. It’s super absorbent, yet lightweight."
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Apothecanna Extra Strength Bath Soak

Olson toggles between tons of Apothecanna products to relieve aches and pains. "I have carpal tunnel in one wrist and their CBD products are one of the only products that provides me relief," she says. "They use only all-natural and organic ingredients and truly represent the healing powers of traditional plant medicine."
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Prince & Flower CBD Muscle & Joint Cream

Olson uses this CBD cream whenever her neck or back gets sore — and has even turned her family onto its pain-fighting benefits. "My 83-year-old grandmother even uses it for chronic arthritis in her hands," Olson says. "It’s the only product that provides her relief."
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Kim Rollins

Owner/Operator, Luminescent Farms

Rollins was so fascinated with cannabis culture growing up that she moved to Humboldt County, California — a NorCal farming hotspot — at the age of 18. Nearly two decades later, she launched Luminescent Farms, a licensed, sun-grown cannabis farm in the foothills of the Sierra Mountains that turns out craft cannabis with a focus on sustainable and organic cultivation practices.
What do people not understand about people who work in cannabis?
"Speaking from a cultivator’s perspective, the amount of steps involved in growing a plant from seed to sale is a labor of love. The process of delivering a product to the California retail market involves many obstacles and regulatory hurdles that are not for the faint of heart."
What are the big misconceptions about women in cannabis?
"There are a lot of brilliant, inspiring boss ladies that have helped shape the cannabis industry into what it is today. From attorneys and consultants to advocates and fellow business owners, without a doubt, women are established pillars in the cannabis community. Even though it’s a male-dominated industry, women are paving the way throughout every level of the business."

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Kiskanu Hemp Face Oil

"This oil works extremely well to help soothe inflammation of the skin," Rollins says of this product from a women-owned brand. "It’s crafted using organic essential oils, a healthy dose of vitamins A and E, wild carrots to help with cell rejuvenation, lavender for blemish-healing, THC, CBD, and calendula to relive facial tension."
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Om Edibles CBD Infused Epsom Salts

"These are the perfect addition to any bath," Rollins says of these CBD-infused epsom salts. "They help reduce inflammation and help nourish your achy body at the end of the day."
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Miriam Houfaidi

Founder, Currently Cannabis Edu

Houfaidi jokes that she's formally worked in cannabis for five years and informally been in the business for 16, so she's seen the change from cottage industry to what it is now. She got her start working across the dispensary side of the industry and now operates a cannabis club that hosts events, introduces dispensaries to brands, and educates budtenders on new products.

How did you get your start in cannabis?
"I started with a vape pen company as a brand ambassador. We educated patients in dispensaries around L.A. The market was operating in a very gray zone then — I’m talking I was handed an envelope of unrecorded cash every week."

How has it changed through the years?
"It's a no-bullshit zone [now]. It requires a ton of work! We are building an entirely new industry while constantly being met with resistance and ever-changing laws. Contrary to popular belief, we don’t just sit around and get high all day. Those were the days, though..."

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Potency 710 Gold Skin Serum

Houfaidi says that the first thing you'll notice about this serum is its inviting botanical smell. "I love that it drops a dose of antioxidants and vitamins all over my face with every use," she says, noting that she uses it on her face and neck every day.
"Plus, the company is women-owned and operated."
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Beso CBD Whip

"This whip is heaven on my skin," Houfaidi says. "It’s ultra-moisturizing, without causing clogging my pores or causing breakouts. Quite the opposite, in fact — it clears up almost any ailment! I slather it on my face every night before I go to sleep as a mask to wake up plump and youthful."
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Nooks + Crannies CBD Soap

"First of all, it smells amazing," Houfaidi says. "That’s an immediate hook for me because I’m particular with scents and sensitive to chemical additives. This bar does it all. With exfoliants, charcoal, and clay, my skin feels so smooth and healed after each use."
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Ella Alpina

Marketing Manager, Trym

Alpina had one goal when entering cannabis in 2014: combine her career and community. The Nevada City, CA-based entrepreneur got her start by founding 7 Rays, a marketing agency, and now she works as the marketing manager at Trym, a NorCal-based cannabis software startup company built for commercial growers.

What do people not understand about people who work in cannabis?
"We’re not all stoners. There are a lot of professional, sharp people in all segments of this industry."

What are the big misconceptions about women in cannabis?
"This isn’t a boys' club. Many think that it’s always been one, due to the nature of the industry, but I’ve known tons of badass women growers and brokers over the years."

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Golden Goddess Botanicals Face Serum

"I love the non-greasy feel of this serum," Alpina says about this woman-owned CBD line. "So many topicals out there tend to be greasy. It smells incredible and I feel luxurious every time I put it on."
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OM Epsom Salt Soak

"I have really taken a liking to baths in the last few years," Alpina says. "I’ve always used epsom salts but was recently turned on to OM Hemp and their line of soaks infused with CBD. I suggest the variety packs because it's just too hard to pick a scent."
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Kiskanu CBD Botanical Night Drops

"Kiskanu extracts CBD from the whole hemp plant and uses organic botanicals in their formulations," Alpina says. "I love these night drops to help bring me into a state of calm and relaxation before bed."

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