Todrick Hall Has Joined The Kim Kardashian & Taylor Swift Chat, But Did He Go Too Far?

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With their schedules freed up due to the coronavirus pandemic, much of Hollywood’s elite is spending their free time living their best lives. Some of them are popping (virtual) bottles at DJ D-Nice’s Club Quarantine, and others are  rehashing years-old beef on Al Gore's internet. Kim Kardashian-West and Taylor Swift are at it once again, and while the tea is beyond stale, that's not stopping the stars from going toe to toe — or keeping the peanut gallery from adding their two cents.
If you'll recall, Swift and Kardashian-West's beef began back in 2016 after Kanye West's "Famous" (The Life of Pablo) mentioned the pop star in a series of inappropriate lyrics. The rapper claimed that he had gotten Swift's permission to mention into the song, which she refuted. Mrs. Kardashian-West, ever the rider, stepped up to the plate to defend her man by providing audio of a personal phone call between the musicians where it appeared that Swift had in fact been in on the lyrics the whole time. A passionate dispute followed the footage, with Team Kardashian hailing Swift a "snake."
The drama fizzled out over the years, both sides turning their attention to their respective lives. But the battle was far from over. Just a few days ago, more audio from the full conversation was leaked, igniting the fight all over again. And a new challenger has appeared to take on the reality star: Todrick Hall. A close pal of Swift's, Hall picked apart the KKW mogul's response to the leaked audio. He may have been trying to defend his friend, but Hall's takedown went far beyond loyalty, veering dangerously close to misogyny and body shaming.
"I cannot stand this woman!" the singer and choreographer said of Kardashian-West in a series of now-deleted posts on his Instagram story this morning. "After your Ray J video and publicly documenting every crevice of your vagina, I HIGHLY doubt that you're embarrassed NOW to respond to this."
Hall continued his social media tirade with more mean-spirited words, calling Kardashian-West a "self absorbed, entitled, stubborn little queef" and making unnecessarily rude remarks about her body. Yikes.
"I'm usually online just to spread love, but I will never stand by and let someone drag my friend," he concluded. "It's not cool."
At the end of the day, this isn't really Hall's battle to fight; this is between the Wests and Swift. Plus, if his intention was to clear his homegirl's name, Hall isn't actually doing her any favors by being nasty on the internet. What does a sextape from almost 20 years ago have anything to do with this? Nothing. Does slut-shaming and body-shaming Kardashian-West prove your friend's innocence? Absolutely not. Is this a good look for anyone involved? Hell no.
A few hours after his initial posts, Hall apologized for "venting" and announced he was taking a break from social media.

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