Todrick Hall Insists That Taylor Swift Is One Of The Best Dancers In The Industry

Photo: Jason Merritt/Getty Images.
As we're sure you know by now — because really, who hasn't watched Taylor Swift's "Look What You Made Me Do" music video dozens of times by now, trying to figure out every last reference? — Todrick Hall, singer, dancer, and YouTube star, appeared in the video as one of Swift's backup dancers. Being one of the most well-known dancers in this record-breaking video, Hall has unsurprisingly been in the press quite a bit since its premiere on Sunday. And, in an exclusive interview with Entertainment Weekly that came out yesterday, he had nothing but extremely nice things to say about Taylor. Like, aggressively nice. One specific comment Todrick Hall told ET stands out as particularly puzzling, and it has to do with her dancing.
After confirming that all the choreography for the "Look What You Made Me Do" was done by Tyce Diorio, the mind behind "Shake It Off," Hall went on to give an effusive compliment to Taylor Swift, and her performance while filming the new video. He said, "I was so impressed because, no shade to other people in the industry, but there are a lot of people who try to dance, but with her, it seems very natural." He then added this doozie, "And we didn't film it that many times, she just killed it every single performance. I mean, I've worked with Beyoncé and I've gotten to work with Taylor, and it was a similar thing." Yeah, he compared her dancing skills to Beyoncé's, which is downright confusing.
Look, it's not that we think Taylor Swift is totally incapable of pulling out a good performance, it's just that she herself has talked a lot about what an awkward dancer she is. At this point, it actually seems like dorky dance moves are kind of her thing. Wasn't that the whole point of "Shake It Off?" Swift has even gone as far as to define one of her most embarrassing moves as the "mom-croon." And, on the 2014 MTV VMAs red carpet, the singer told an interviewer, "God knows what kind of terrible dancing you'll see tonight from me." Also, just so you know, if you type, "awkward Taylor Swift dancing" into the giphy search bar, the results are plentiful and hilarious. So yeah, we kind of doubt she's on Beyoncé's level, and we're not the only ones who are totally shocked by Todrick Hall's suspiciously kind words.

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