Chris Evans Picked Up A Surprising New Hobby During Quarantine

Photo: Visual China Group/Getty Images.
Everyone is doing their best to settle into a new "quarantine routine," celebrities included. With many of the things we do on a day-to-day basis on pause for the foreseeable future, stars are finding new ways to connect with their fans. Some are spilling the details of their beauty routines, others are sharing music or playlists, and a few are realizing a new calling in life — like Chris Evans, who's apparently developed a hidden hair-cutting talent during the shelter-in-place mandate.
On Sunday, Evans' brother Scott made the (very relatable right now) decision to cut his own hair on a whim. Filled with equal parts trepidation and excitement, Scott Evans took a shaver to his head and buzzed it right off. “Is this a good idea?” He nervously says to the camera before diving in. “Well, there’s no going back now!”
When Scott posted a picture of the final product, actress Kate Lambert pointed out that he missed a spot — but not to worry, because this is where Chris comes to the rescue. In a second video, Scott reassured followers that he didn't leave his hair uneven after all. "I can't believe I did it," he said of his original attempt, as Chris deftly fixed his brother's impromptu buzz.
Other than a spur-of-the-moment change of hairstyle, both Evans brothers seem to be keeping themselves busy in quarantine by spending time with their dog, going on walks, and watching old movies together. But who knows what Chris' hair-styling future holds — maybe we'll see him refine his skills as a barber and cut the hair of a few more family members before self-isolation is through.
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