Let Chris Evans’ Zen Dog, Dodger, Inspire You During These Trying Times

Photo: Paul Archuleta/FilmMagic.
It might be time to admit that some people are just better at quarantining than others, and while Chris Evans is definitely one of them, his dog Dodger is the real MVP. Over these past few weeks in isolation, our Captain America has put down his shield in favor of sheers, but it's Dodger who's thinking on a more spiritual level, setting an example for humans everywhere how to persevere in uncertain times.
In a pre-quarantine interview with Esquire about his upcoming Apple TV+ show Defending Jacob, Evans gives some insight into his acting process and the other usual interview topics, but it's Dodger who steals the show, most prominently when Evans and his pooch pal step outside for an introspective moment.
“I love the way he’s just sitting there,” Evans says. “He’s just looking. He’s not trying to process. It’s like, the worst thing about people is the way we can see the setting sun or something equally beautiful, and for a split second it’s great—but then very quickly your brain wants to know, What does this have to do with me? And right away the greatness goes away.”
Evans goes on a to cite a Buddhist saying before turning back to Dodger.
“This guy right here is a perfect being. Look at him," he continues. "He’s not asking, What does this have to do with me? He’s just sitting there, experiencing what life has to offer. I’m trying to be the same."
In case you need a visual aid, this is Dodger:
Dodger is displaying a mindfulness practice we could all do with adopting: During this time of uncertain quarantine and isolation, don't think too much about yourself or the future, but go about your day simply being. To be fair, that's easy to say when your day to day involves cuddling Chris Evans.

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