Every Celebrity Diagnosed With The Coronavirus

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When news of the coronavirus broke earlier this year, so did rumors about the nature of the respiratory virus. With Wuhan, China as its ground zero, the COVID-19 origin story morphed into racist rhetoric, and over time, more misinformation spread about where the disease came from, how it could be passed on, and who could be infected with it.
Now that the coronavirus has grown into a full blown pandemic, per the World Health Organization, healthcare professionals are working overtime to treat infected patients while simultaneously debunking myths about the virus. Perhaps the biggest myth about the illness is the notion that it only affects the elderly and people with ongoing health complications. Though those groups are among some of the most vulnerable populations, the coronavirus is no respecter of persons — anyone can fall victim to it.
Hollywood clearly isn't immune to the virus. Over the past few weeks, many celebrities have come forward (digitally, of course, because we're all in the house) to share that they have tested positive for the coronavirus. Though it seems like a new A-lister gets infected every day, the truth is much grimmer. It's not that Hollywood has an influx of COVID-19 cases — these celebs just have easier access to testing than the rest of the world, so they can actually verify that their aches and chills are indeed symptoms of the virus. It's a biting social commentary and a privilege that many stars are thankfully taking the time to acknowledge. 
More and more celebrities are coming forward to share their COVID-19 diagnoses. Here are the stars who have come down with the coronavirus.
COVID-19 has been declared a global pandemic. Go to the CDC website for the latest information on symptoms, prevention, and other resources.

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