What Has Elizabeth Warren Been Up To This Week? Oh, Just A Surprise SNL Appearance

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Elizabeth Warren may not be in the 2020 presidential race anymore, but she is still the one to beat when it comes to unexpected Saturday Night Live appearances. Days after dropping out, and still without so much as a hint about who — if anyone — she might endorse, Warren dropped by SNL as Kate McKinnon hosted a Fox News segment as Laura Ingraham to look back at her campaign and some of its biggest moments.
Warren was quick to let everyone know that she was a very supportive network of people around her to ask her important questions like: Are you okay? What do you need? Were you electable? Ingraham revisited Warren’s viral takedown of Mike Bloomberg with some “live footage” of her dog, Bailey, with a death grip on a burrito. “I was the dog,” said Warren. When asked who she would be endorsing, Warren responded, “It’s tough. Maybe I’ll pull a New York Times and endorse them both.”
Despite not getting the turnout she hoped for, Warren has no regrets. “I am so proud of our campaign. We built a wide coalition of teachers, preschool teachers, middle school teachers, and teacher’s pets,” she said lightheartedly. “And not only did I not accept money from billionaires, I got to give one a swirly on live TV.” 
Now that the campaign trail has come to an end, she plans on taking some time for herself. “I’ve got time to do a little self-care. Hanging out with my dog Bailey, prank calling big banks, drag racing Subarus, avoiding Twitter...and before I go, I want to thank my supporters and say one last thing.” In what was probably the quickest quick change in the history of sketch comedy, McKinnon donned her best Warren costume to match and joined Warren to thank her for everything she’s done. “I’m not dead, I’m just in the Senate,” Warren joked. 
After a tense Super Tuesday which showed the early frontrunner falling behind with each primary, Warren took a day to decide her next steps before announcing that she would no longer be running for president. "We didn’t reach our goal, but what we have done together, what you have done, has made a lasting difference," Warren said to her campaign staff last week. "It’s not the scale of the difference we wanted to make, but it matters — and the changes will have ripples for years to come."
Warren gave us a glimpse of what her vision for the presidency would look like. She also gave us a glimpse at how viral she and McKinnon would be if they started a TikTok account together. Recreating one of the platform’s most viral videos right now, McKinnon and Warren switched places and had a little dance party backstage. Warren’s bid for president in 2020 may be over, but perhaps she can keep coming by SNL just for TikToks with McKinnon.

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Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez gave her seal of approval to Warren and McKinnon's TikTok skills. In a tweet, she replied to the video, saying what we are all thinking.

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