Will Elizabeth Warren Endorse Bernie Or Biden? Supporters Are Splitting Their Votes

Photo: Adam Glanzman/Bloomberg/Getty Images.
On Thursday, Sen. Elizabeth Warren announced that she was ending her campaign for president. After a disappointing showing on Super Tuesday, where she failed to win any states and came in third in her home state of Massachusetts, the once-leading candidate decided to drop out of the race. Many people have cited sexism as the driving force behind her failed presidential bid, and her decision comes on the heels of criticism that she didn’t drop out soon enough.
In a field that was historically diverse, the Democratic race is down to two men. The immediate response to Warren’s announcement was speculation as to whether she would endorse former Vice President Joe Biden or Sen. Bernie Sanders.
Almost instantly, #WarrenToBiden and #WarrenToSanders began trending on Twitter. Many are expecting a Sanders endorsement because both candidates are progressive, but given the way things have played out between them, this might not be the case. The candidates have sparred over the course of the campaign, most notably about whether Sanders said he didn’t think a woman could beat Donald Trump. Sanders supporters have also been accused of harassing Warren supporters, which the Vermont Senator has been criticized for not responding to appropriately.
Although Warren has not yet revealed who she will endorse — Bernie or Biden — her supporters are vocalizing both their own theories about her endorsement, as well as deciding which candidate to now switch their votes to.
Former candidates South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg and Sen. Amy Klobuchar endorsed Biden following the suspension of their campaigns, which many people interpreted as moderate Democrats circling wagons around the establishment candidate left in the race. The argument from the progressive wing of the party is that Warren needs to do the same for Sanders. “It’s hard to overstate how damaging it would be to her legacy as a progressive politician if Elizabeth Warren did not endorse Bernie Sanders,” tweeted Jacobin editor Micah Uetricht.
Warren has reportedly had talks with both campaigns, and is unsure whether she will endorse anyone. According to the New York Times, Warren has “told associates that she does not plan to offer an endorsement when she drops out” and “is still weighing whether to take a side.”
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