Aidy Bryant’s Overnight Salad On SNL Will Make You Want To Never Meal Prep Again

Photo: Courtesy of NBC.
After last night’s episode of Saturday Night Live, you’re probably second-guessing any plans you had to meal prep salad this week. 
In “Salad,” presumable housewife Nadine Sherman (Aidy Bryant) quietly breaks out into song about an “overnight salad” she plans to make for her sleeping daughters and husband. It’s a salad that includes her “most delicious recipe” and she expects her family to enjoy it in the morning. 
Sounds harmless, right? 
As she excitedly enters her retro kitchen and starts sharing the extensive list of ingredients, it’s clear that not even the uplifting nursery rhyme will stop your tummy from turning. 
“Take a little bit of lettuce / Sprinkle in some cheese / A little scosh of lemon and a gallon of mayo / So many raisins / An insane amount of pepper / Now you’re making a salad,” Nadine sings as she starts mixing those initial ingredients together with her hand.  
Yes, you read that “gallon of mayo” part correctly. 
The salad-making didn’t stop there, either.  She also adds 54 hot dogs, more mayo, fritos, root beer, cookies (which serve as croutons), and the topping from a pizza. Then, she lets the concoction sit on the radiator all night. 
The entire time, Nadine is practically all smiles and is seemingly unphased by the mix-matched madness that is her overnight salad. 
Her delusion continues when her family wakes up and heads to the table.  She’s convinced her daughters will be proud and that her husband will feel like a champ among his friends. Just as she starts to sing about how much they like it, her daughters spit it out and her husband, Daniel Craig, says the salad tastes like shit.  He even finds a quarter in his portion. (Twenty-five pennies for your thoughts?) 
Oh, and poor Baxter the dog takes an L and is motionless after having a bite. RIP, pup. Nadine attempts to eat the salad alone and is sent to an early grave etched with, "Her Brain Was Sick."
Basically, a sketch filled with lives and appetites lost.

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