How To Celebrate Women On International Women’s Day

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We're fortunate to be living in an age where we're focusing on equality in more ways than ever — with movements prioritizing intersectional feminist lenses and the ways the most marginalized women are affected by societal systems. There are events like the Generation Equality Forum, a global gathering for gender equality manifesting public conversation and urgent action and accountability for transformative change, as well as events like the Women's March in full swing.
While celebrating and uplifting women in impactful, material ways is important every day, it's especially important to stop and reflect about how we can create change for women and celebrate them on International Women's Day. Ahead, we have rounded up seven ways you can celebrate and uplift women on International Women's Day, a day that supports equality across genders.

Shop Women-Owned Brands

There are more than enough women-owned brands to go around, including Reformation, S'well, Rent the Runway, Sukie's Candle Co., The Crayon Case, Bulletin, and Bird and Stone, to name just a few. Many of these brands are not only simply women-owned but also give money to feminist causes, host feminist events, and are practicing the politics of their aesthetics as best they can. Shopping with them is a great way to use your money both joyfully and responsibly, giving back to women in myriad ways.

Attend Rallies, Parades & Gatherings

Of course there are always rallies for these kinds of international holidays. Today, there are events all over the globe. The official events page for International Women's Day has a search page where you can find all kinds of events from concerts and conferences to fun runs and festivals around the world. You can search by place, type of event, and much more to join fellow people who are excited to rally for change.

Volunteer At Women's Shelters

There are women's shelters across the U.S. that spend each day protecting women who have experienced harm in the face of abuse, and helping them to heal. You, too, could help them to heal by volunteering your time, money, or other resources you have access to. To find a women's shelter near you, you can go to the nationwide directory of women's shelters.
In New York, there are shelters such as Henry Street Settlement with multiple locations. In Nebraska, there are shelters like Voices of Hope. Search in your state to find somewhere you might help out.

Offer Childcare To Women You Know With Children

If you're qualified or know someone who is and you can get them onboard, offering to help with childcare for women you know who have children and might need some extra hands can be one of the kindest things you could do. Childcare can be a barrier to many things, including voting, or being able to attend important life events like doctor's visits, funerals, or even simple things like work or, just as important, getting time for oneself to relax. Your thoughtfulness could make all the difference.

Donate To Nonprofits That Benefit Women Internationally

There are lots of organizations that work tirelessly to help women, both small ones and international ones — and some of the most important ones are the nonprofits doing work that benefits women internationally.
Organizations such as Women Deliver, which is driving women's equality around the world, PEN America, championing the free speech of the most marginalized and at-risk writers, including women, or Women's Global Empowerment Fund, which is empowering under-privileged women in Uganda by through business training and microloan access, are making a real, material difference for women around the world. There's also the Center for Reproductive Rights, which has made a difference for reproductive rights around the world in places like Asia and Africa as well as America, or She's the First, specifically focusing on uplifting young girls and their right to education and stable futures around the globe. Donating to organizations like these will help bolster their reach in a big way.

Learn About The Most Marginalized Women & How You Can Help

Privilege doesn't have to be a bad thing. And if you have it, there are plenty of ways you can use it for good. Learning about the issues that the most marginalized women, including Indigenous women, queer women, trans women, immigrant women, and disabled and mentally ill women face, and how you can make life less difficult for them is the best way to help. Uplift their voices, and listen to them when they say what they need or speak on issues central to their lives.

Speak Up & Showcase Women Who Inspire You

Whether it's Eve Sedgwick, one of the founders of queer theory, trans actress and activist Laverne Cox, or radical activist Angela Davis who has inspired you, it's always moving to share the words and wisdom of women who are making a difference in the world. Reading and uplifting their politics and voices can only help you and those you share their work with to hone your own politics and values, which is, after all, exactly what International Women's Day is about.

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