Kim Kardashian Heads To The White House To Fight For Women Behind Bars

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Future lawyer and forever advocate for criminal justice reform Kim Kardashian West is taking her fight for incarcerated women straight to Trump. On Wednesday, the entrepreneur announced she would be visiting the White House to meet with three women who had their prison sentences commuted. The women accompanying Kardashian West were actually commuted thanks in part to her exhaustive efforts. Now, she is looking to continue that momentum, taking the fight for women behind bars to Capitol Hill.
“President Trump commuted the sentences of three really deserving women,” Kardashian tweeted on Wednesday. “I didn’t hear much about it in the news so I wanted to share with you their stories!”
While completing a four-year apprenticeship with a law firm in San Francisco, Kardashian West partnered with the co-founders of #Cut50: Author and CNN commentator Van Jones and Attorney Jessica Jackson. The bipartisan initiative has set out to reduce crime and incarceration in the United States. As part of her work with the organization over the past two years, Kardashian West visited prisons, petitioned governors, and attended meetings at the White House.
On Wednesday, she will be joined by Alice Marie Johnson, whose life sentence for a nonviolent drug charge was commuted in 2018 after Kardashian West successfully petitioned it to Donald Trump. Since leaving prison, Johnson has been working with Kardashian to do the same for others. In visiting the White House, Kardashian West, #Cut50, and all of these women plan to bring more attention to much-need changes to the justice and prison systems.
Johnson and Kardashian West will accompany three former incarcerated women, whose bios Kardashian detailed on Twitter. The first woman, Crystal Munoz, was sentenced to 20 years in prison for conspiracy to possess & distribute marijuana. She left behind a five month old baby & was pregnant. “Crystal was shackled by prison guards during the birth of her second daughter. Her case was highlighted in the First Step Act...which banned the degrading and inhuman treatment of shackling female prisoners during childbirth,” she wrote.
Judith Negron, the second woman, was sentenced to 35 years in prison for conspiracy to commit health care fraud. At the time, Negron was given the longest sentence of any woman to ever white collar crime. "A mother, she left behind two young sons. This was Judith’s first ever offense,” KKW tweeted. “Wardens and staff alike spoke glowingly of the incredible contributions Judith made to the prison while incarcerated.”
The third, is a woman named Tynice Hall who was sentenced to 35 years in prison for a first-time non-violent drug conspiracy. “Her boyfriend at the time used her house for his illegal drug activities. She was only 22 years old when she went to prison and left behind a 3 year old son," Kardashian West explained. "Tynice rehabilitated herself and prepared for a future outside of prison by completing numerous classes and becoming certified in various trades.”
In addition to using her platform to shed light on these women's stories and bring them with her to Washington, the powerhouse icon is working with the Oxygen network to release a documentary. Entitled Kim Kardashian West: The Justice Project, the film will feature her involvement in prison reform advocacy and is set to be released on April 5. Kardashian West's history of criminal justice reform efforts will be showcased, namely when she assisted in the clemency of sex trafficking survivor Cyntoia Brown as well as Momolu Stewart, who she met while visiting the District of Columbia Correctional Treatment Facility last summer.
According to Kardashian West, her goal is to take the bar in 2022 and focus entirely on criminal justice reform. The reality star wants wide-spread, systematic change and she seems to know exactly how to use her influence to get people talking and listening.
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