Victoria F. Speaks Out After Disastrous Hometown Date On The Bachelor

Photo: ABC/Maarten de Boer.
Surprise, surprise: There's another Bachelor controversy involving Victoria Fuller. Her initial Instagram post in November vaguely defending herself from rumors could now apply to any number of sins: her white lives matter photoshoot? Her reputation in Virginia Beach? Or the fact that we learned last night, which is that she apparently ruins relationships?
While this wasn't bad enough for Bachelor Peter Weber to send the girl home, she did finally take to Instagram again to address everything we saw in Monday night's episode in one succinct post.
"Thank you Pete for always having faith in us & believing in me, even when I would doubt myself along the way," she captioned two pictures of herself and the pilot.
On Monday night's ep, Peter's ex Merissa Pence confronted him at a Hunter Hayes concert during Victoria's hometown. Merissa is also a Virginia Beach resident and floats in the same social circles as Victoria. Because of this, she warned Peter that Victoria has “broken up many relationships” and he should “watch out.”
So, moments before meeting Victoria's family, Peter decided to ask her about this ominous warning, and it didn't go well.
“I’m just asking for the truth,” he said.
“Well, it doesn't matter anymore, because you literally just came in here to act like that," she responded. "Are you kidding me?”
They later smoothed things over and Victoria ultimately received a rose, but this wasn't all Merissa had to say about her apparent frenemy. Shortly before this episode, she spoke to Us Weekly about her experience with the contestant.
“If there is a guy she wants, she’s like, ‘He’s mine.’ There is a one-way street there and nobody else is getting involved,” she told the outlet. “She just thinks that the world revolves around her and she’s the hottest thing that’s ever hit this planet. And actually the most disturbing thing so far of all of this was the lingerie episode that she just acted like she was this coy person. The people in Virginia Beach are even seeing that that’s not you at all. You’re always the one in the bar wanting attention.”
Nevertheless, Victoria lives another day to bring some new controversy next episode, I'm sure.

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