Diane Keaton’s Oscars Look Thinks A Long Walk Around The Park Sounds Divine Right About Now

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Diane Keaton’s on-screen looks are legendary. She wore menswear with ease for her role as Annie Hall in 1977, made the turtleneck-and-pantsuit a decade-long trend in First Wive’s Club, and had everyone backing minimalism thanks to her Hamptons wardrobe in Something’s Gotta Give. But what’s even more of a force? Her off-screen looks, which are, incidentally, exactly the same thing as what she wears in her roles.
Last night, Keaton presented an award alongside her Something’s Gotta Give boyfriend Keanu Reeves, wearing what some would (and did) call nothing special for a black-tie evening: a houndstooth Ralph Lauren suit styled underneath a custom Ralph Lauren wool-cashmere coat and cinched with a big belt. As per classic Diane, she added an oversized hat for good measure. But while there may be a case that her look is a bit more appropriate for a stroll around the park on a fall day than Hollywood's fanciest night, Keaton’s consistency to her own personal style is nothing short of delightful. Trumping dress codes, pomp and circumstance, stylists, and even film wardrobe departments, Keaton wearing anything other than layered menswear would be the wrong move. It’s refreshing to see someone not try so hard for the red carpet and still manage to look like the coolest person in the room.
What sets Diane Keaton apart from her the rest is that she’s never given in to wearing something that goes against her style. Even her Instagram, typically a place where try-hard and faking it thrive, is absolutely authentic, filled with adorably self-deprecating selfies and throwback film stills to videos of clowns and daily outfit reminders.
In fact, those daily outfits, which often include a mix of designer pieces by Commes des Garçons and Maison Margiela, handmade garments designed by friends, and vintage finds that could only be archived by Diane Keaton, set trends themselves. We’re all buying oversized belts, quilted skirts, and pants styled over skirts now, and we know who did it first.
Can you imagine her in burnt-orange sequins? A vibrant red lasagna dress? Face it: The actress who herself admitted to having not worn color in four years isn’t going to suddenly start dressing like Kristen Wiig, even if it’s for the Oscars
So yeah — maybe the look she chose for the Oscars wasn’t the most elegant of the night. But if you ask us, Diane Keaton should not, in any way, give even an inch. 
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