The Newest Bachelor Promo Is 10% Shirtless Peter, 90% Pure Cringe — But Also Really Hot?

The 92nd Academy Awards may be the talk of the town right now, but the geniuses behind The Bachelor are working overtime to make sure that Peter Weber is still top of mind. And in the newest commercial for Pilot Pete's Bachelor season, our bachelor puts an Oscar-worthy spin on the classic romantic drama, Ghost.
In the commercial, Peter is seated at a pottery wheel, trying his hand at making what looks like a vase. He's shirtless — gratuitous fanservice for Bachelor Nation — and suddenly, hands appear all over him. It's distracting for us watching at home, but Peter stays focused on his misshapen vase, even when the hands start fighting amongst themselves for his attention and ultimately destroy his masterpiece.
It's an obvious homage to the 1990 romantic fantasy film Ghost. Starring Patrick Swayze, Demi Moore, Whoopi Goldberg, and Tony Goldwyn, the love story followed a woman (Moore) trying to communicate with her lover's ghost (Swayze) after he is murdered in a violent attack. ABC even recruited Goldberg to deliver her iconic line: "Peter... you in danger, boy!"
As for Peter, he's not currently dealing with any spirits of his own (unless you count Hannah Brown's reappearance or Alayah Benavidez coming back to haunt the girls in Cleveland), but he's got a storyline just as dramatic as Ghost. So far, his season of The Bachelor has been marked by shady tweets, Real Housewives-esque cat fights, and a general sense of malaise from the viewers watching at home.
It's been an exhausting journey for all of us, and we're not any closer to discovering who Peter ends up with at the end of this mess, but hey — at least someone's having fun with this mess.

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