Fans Spotted Very Sus Liked Tweets From The Bachelor‘s Kelley

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Honestly, what was The Bachelor even like without the added fun of overanalyzing the contestants’ social media pages? This week, fans are curious about certain tweets that Kelley Flanagan allegedly liked, per Cosmopolitan, which seem to imply she has less-than-warm feelings about Bachelor Peter Weber
Kelley F. is already a fan favorite this season, mostly because unlike some contestants, she prefers to stay out of the reality show’s web of drama. She has no tolerance for Peter’s handling of each situation that arises, from his fishing for dirt on contestant Alayah Benavidez to giving a rose to Kelsey Weir outside the traditional ceremony.
As Kelley put it in episode 5, she’s not particularly interested in the ways in which Peter “reward[s] drama” — and, if these likes on her Twitter account are the real deal, she may have a few other words for him as well. 
“Pete is disrespectful to women who know what they are looking for and call him out on his shit—take Kelley for example: he rolled his eyes, interrupted her and asked her not to judge him? When she was being upfront and honest,” a Twitter user wrote.
An account for Kelley Flanagan (which is unverified) reportedly liked the tweet, per Cosmo, as well as other comments directed towards Peter. 
“How is it fair that Peter rolled his eyes and said he had to figure stuff out and Kelley is supposed to be understanding of that, but when Kelley said she was trying to figure out her way he wasn’t even remotely accepting of that,” said another commenter.
Kelley no longer has the above tweets in her favorites, but does have this one:
"GET. IT. KELLEY. Peter is a DOPE."
It’s worth mentioning that if this Twitter account is Kelley’s personal one, she likes a ton of stuff about her time on The Bachelor — not just negative statements about Peter, which it looks like she unfavorited, anyway.
It could be that Kelley is simply trying to interact with her fans online, likely people who live tweet along with the show. Subtweeting about Peter may have been an accident. Kelley, after all, has made it known she does not want to reward drama. 
We’ve reached out to ABC for comment.
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