This Bakery Is Sending Each GOP Senator A Sheet Cake With An Important Message

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Whoever said you couldn’t have your cake and eat it too clearly did not think to send politicians sprinkle-covered cakes with important messages written on top. 
On Monday, a GoFundMe was created with the goal of sending all 53 Republican senators a timely gift, delivered right to Senate chambers amid Trump's impeachment trial. The mission of the cake design is simple: to remind senators to let Trump’s former national security advisor speak during the impeachment trial. “Republicans in the U.S. Senate refuse to allow witnesses in President Trump’s impeachment trial, so let’s deliver them John Bolton’s testimony on a cake. Maybe that will make the truth easier for them to swallow,” reads the GoFundMe description.
The GoFundMe is going all out — they raised just over $6,000, hired cake decorators Butter & Scotch in Brooklyn, NY to do the honors, and – in accordance with senate ethics rules – are keeping the cost of each cake to less than $50. As a general rule, senators are not allowed to knowingly accept a gift valued over $50. According to the GoFundMe, all the money left over after making and delivering the cakes will be donated to the Center for Human Rights and the ACLU. On Tuesday night, Butter & Scotch posted one of the cakes on their Instagram with the caption, “Anyone in D.C. want to help us deliver these tomorrow?”
According to bakery co-owner Keavy Landreth, all 53 cakes were completed this afternoon by Butter & Scotch's general manager, who went to D.C. for the sole purpose of sending these messages. Some Senators (ahem, Ted Cruz) have reportedly turned away the cakes upon delivery, but Landreth sees a bigger message here. "Its a way of protesting that is a little more creative than holding a sign," she told Refinery29. "You are frustrated and you want to be able to do something, so this was just a cool opportunity to be able to get our voices heard."
The message about Bolton comes after a long-debated back-and-forth during opening statements of the Senate trial. Bolton acted as President Donald Trump’s national security adviser for 17 months before he was pushed out amid arguments over how to handle foreign policy. By the end, they were disagreeing so much, they couldn’t even agree on whether Bolton resigned or Trump fired him.
On Wednesday, Trump's ongoing senate impeachment trial, to which he has vehemently opposed across all allegations, will finally hear the first line of questioning. But one of the major allegations against Trump that will be at the forefront is over the President's withholding of $391 million in security assistance to Ukraine in exchange for investigation former vice president Joe Biden and his son Hunter Biden.
Trump denied withholding aid, but according to the unpublished manuscript of Bolton’s forthcoming book, that is exactly what happened. Based on Bolton’s manuscript, the hold on US military aid can directly be tied to the President’s requests that Ukraine investigates his political rivals which would severely undermine Trump’s impeachment defense asserting that the two incidents are completely unrelated. Trump addressed Bolton’s claims in a series of tweets accusing his former national security adviser of lying to sell books.
With Democrats demanding that Bolton testify, he himself said publicly that he is willing to give his account of the events in question. Republican senators not accepting further testimony would be the only thing that could prevent Bolton from speaking in court which is where the cakes come in. Democrats have been calling on Republican senators to call more witnesses, but perhaps a sweeter approach (pun intended) will do the trick.
And, if you are in the New York area and looking to pay homage to the cake designers behind this cause, Butter & Scotch will host a "Drunk Dial Congress" event on Wednesday night. For every attendee who dials a number (and even read from an optional script), you will get either a free cookie or shot.
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