“Cloud Nails” Are Trending For Winter — & They’re So Dreamy

Photo: Claudio Lavenia/Getty Images.
Whether you're daydreaming out the window of your flight back home after a long time away or finally reaching the clearing at the end of a strenuous hike, there's nothing quite like the reflective, one-with-the-world feeling of elevation. That same indescribable sense of bliss is also the perfect inspiration for the first nail art trend of the new decade: cloud nails.
The design concept recently came to us by way of nail artist Alicia Torello, who says clouds are everywhere right now. "It seems like everyone's wearing and posting soft, dreamy nail art," she explains of the emerging trend. "My favorite interpretations pair light colors, like baby blue or sunset pink, with white ombré cloud shapes and playful star accents."
Ahead, our favorite examples of the chicest (and dreamiest) cloud manicures on Instagram.