Wife Guy Justin Bieber’s Birthday Post For Hailey Is A Lot

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Justin Bieber just hit peak wife guy. And it's all thanks to his sweet and extremely extra birthday post to his wife, Hailey Bieber. Seriously, it's got everything: unrelenting praise, "you complete me" vibes, lots of heart eyes emoji, and mentions of their future spawn. Bow down to this guy who definitely has a wife and wants everyone to know it. Using recent wedding photos on his birthday day post is just another sign that yes, Bieber is a wife guy.
"Happy birthday babes!" he wrote to kick off Hailey's Instagram bday message. "You make me want to be better everyday!" Soon, though, the Biebz crept into TMI territory. "The way you live you[r] life is so attractive," he continued. "ps you turn me on in every way." Then Bieber went full wife guy with his closing line: "next season BABIES." Mic drop, Bieber out.
While Bieber’s stepmom seemed to like the sentiment, a lot of people had the same reaction: Babies? It isn’t the first time Bieber has hinted he’s ready for kids. Back in July, Bieber was dreaming about "daddy/daughter dates." A few weeks later, Hailey seemed to have full-on baby fever herself. When Bieber is with his baby, yeah, it appears he can’t help wanting actual babies. 
For now, though, Bieber is busy getting mixed up in feuds, making jewelry for his wife, setting up double dates, and trying to sell his house. But, next season, who knows, Bieber might be ready for a new role: dad.

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