Apple Music Turned Your Top 2019 Songs Into Playlists

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I have a tendency to listen to the same songs over and over again until I get so sick of them, I declare I couldn’t possibly return to that playlist. The thing is, I always do — just some time later, when the tracks suddenly have a new, strangely nostalgic vibe. Upon a re-listen, I can recall listening to a certain song during a particularly bad day, a euphoric work out session, or a daunting commute made better by a certain song of the summer. Call it emotional time travel!
It hasn’t always been simple to return to old songs from a particularly memorable time in your life — the right song would just happen to come on during a random shuffle. Now, however, Apple Music wants its users to have a designated place for those nostalgic vibes, via Apple Music Replay. 
Apple Music Replay creates new podcasts based on the songs you listened to most over the course of a previous year. Your top songs for every year you’ve subscribed to Apple Music are now recorded in separate playlists, which you can save to your library and share with friends. It’s the perfect way to remember your intense Meghan Trainor phase of 2017 or that Tove Lo track you and your friends could not shut up about. 
With data of your top artists, songs, and albums of each year you’ve subscribed to Apple Music Replay, you can see how much your music taste has changed (or... hasn’t) over the past few years. 
Music fans who use Spotify were treated to a similar feature last year called Wrapped, which allowed users to see a curated playlist of all the songs they listened to in 2018. Other data collected by Spotify included which star sign came up the most amongst the artists you listened to — you know, in case you’re into that sort of thing. 
With Apple Music Replay, you may rediscover a song that you totally forgot obsessing over — or be thrilled that your taste in music has vastly improved over the years. Either way, they're no longer lost in the shuffle.
Try Apple Music Replay for yourself here.

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