Ashamed Of Your 2018 Music Choices? Spotify Is Here to Drag You

This was a weird year — though, to be honest, which year in recent memory wasn’t? And, for many of us, music was a lifeline. But have you ever stopped to wonder just how many times you actually listened to "thank u, next?"
Wonder no more. Spotify just released a feature so you can get the low down on all the bops you've had on repeat over the past 12 months. To access Spotify’s ‘Wrapped’ go to Spotify's homepage in any web browser, log in to your account (yes, that means remembering your username and password), and click on the "Your 2018 Unwrapped" button. That will take you to another landing page where you'll have to log in again (I know, I know) to access your personalized year-in-review.
The feature creates a curated playlist of your top songs of 2018, to remind — and possibly drag — you about where your head was at over the last year. It also will let you know the very first song you listened to this year, the first new artist you discovered, how many minutes you spent listening to music on Spotify, your favorite musicians and how many hours you spent with them, how many 'non-mainstream' artist you listened to, and more.
Plus, if you're into astrology, you'll also be able to find out which star sign was the most common among all of the artists you listened to (did you know Frank Ocean and Drake are both Scorpios?). You can also check out a playlist of new songs Spotify recommends (fresh start for 2019?).
Spotify also put together a special page for artists where they can check out their stats from the past year, including total hours of music streamed by fans. The feature also offers a playlist of the top tracks from 2018, top artists of 2018, and top female artists of 2018.
No matter whether you're proud of or a tinge embarrassed by your year's worth of music, you'll be able to share your results on any of your social media platforms — or a billboard in Times Square (which takes oversharing to a whole new level).
So what are you waiting for? Happy reminiscing.

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