Kim Kardashian’s Legally Blonde Costume — Complete With Video Essay — Just Won Halloween

Photo: Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images.
Kim Kardashian took all your doubts about her becoming a lawyer and channeled them into the most fitting Halloween costume: Elle Woods from Legally Blonde. Not unlike Kardashian, the blonde, bubbly protagonist played by Reese Witherspoon defied all odds and became a law student. Now Kardashian is ready to do the same with her very own video essay that's a shot-for-shot remake of the classic montage that appears in the 2001 film.
The video has everything: the hot tub, the toilet paper, a spot-on impression of Witherspoon's "I object!" And, because it's Kim Kardashian, the recreation came with multiple costume changes.
It is a creative F-U to the longstanding skepticism of Kardashian's activism. Even though she successfully advocated for clemency for Alice Marie Johnson and has spoken at length about the seriousness of her studies, some people can't see her as more than a reality star. Jessica Jackson, the lawyer mentoring Kardashian's studies, came to her defense in an interview with Refinery29.
"Kim cares deeply about people who are negatively impacted by incarceration. She has spent time with us, meeting with people living inside prisons, meeting with formerly incarcerated people, crafting policy, and working on individual cases, while also learning more about the law. I’m proud of the work she’s doing," she explained. "So I would say never underestimate Kim Kardashian West. In all her business ventures, she’s been successful. I have no reason to believe her commitment to criminal justice reform will be any different."
Your move, Harvard.

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