This Video Of Britney Spears Doing Yoga Has Brought Me Inner Peace

Photo: Matt Baron/Shutterstock.
While Busy Phillips rules Instagram Stories and Chrissy Teigen takes on Twitter, Britney Spears has quietly been championing Instagram video posts. She has a knack for posting content that's both soothing and mesmerizing: catwalks towards the camera, montages of her painting, and, now, yoga. On Monday, the singer posted a video of her doing stretches outside with a trainer set to serene guitar strumming, and it's more effective than any "om" I've ever chanted (that might just be a me problem).
In the caption for this video, which is made up of several clips, Spears has three things to declare. 1) "Only in LA can you wear a bathing suit in October!" 2) "It’s so beautiful out" and 3) this is her first time walking on her hands up and down stairs. Funny, you'd think she did that all the time!
This is Spears clearly thriving after a summer plagued by rumors about her father, former manager, and state of her career in general. While she addressed speculation in regards to her mental health on Instagram, nothing sheds stress better than meditating on your trainer's back and donning a blue bikini in October.
This is not the first time Spears has showed off her flexibility. Back in 2016, she had another thing to declare: "Stretching in the morning keeps me motivated."
This caption accompanied a shot of her doing a handstand off an exercise ball — this is, presumably, before she had graduated to steps.
Spears yoga videos are the new ASMR.

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