The One Haircut Lili Reinhart Can’t Wait To Get After Riverdale

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"I'd love to get my hair cut super short once Riverdale is over," Lili Reinhart exclaims. She glances almost instinctively at her reflection in the mirror to our left, brushing her soft blonde strands gently with her fingers. I imagine she's envisioning what her current mid-length cut would look like a good four inches shorter, a blunt bob that grazes her jawline just so — I certainly am.
"I have to wait though," Reinhart stipulates, readjusting her posture in the director's chair where she's sitting during our interview to promote her new brand partnership with Green from AmEx. "As much as I want a chin-length bob — I think I would love it — you just can't put short hair up in a ponytail."
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Of course, the 23-year-old actress is referring to the signature style of her Riverdale character Betty Cooper, who wears a high-and-tight ponytail almost exclusively. The starring role requires Reinhart to keep her hair long and schedule regular highlight appointments. Long, blonde hair was also a staple for her most recent big-screen gig acting beside J.Lo in Hustlers. For the role of Annabelle, a stripper in the year 2003, the film's costume design team created a persona that Reinhart has described in previous interviews as a "slutty Hannah Montana."

Thus, both the wardrobe and glam tapped into early noughties trends, like bandage dresses, body glitter, and Bumpits. "Hustlers was all about the hair poofs, like the Bumpits I used to use when I was on my middle school dance team," Reinhart laughs, adding that she actually helped the costume team source inspiration. "I recommended some of the hairstyles that we wore in the film. I was like: 'Hey, we should do that awful hairstyle that I used to do when I was younger.'"
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More than hair direction, Reinhart insisted on doing her own makeup for the movie. "I do my own makeup on Riverdale, and I knew I wanted to do it for Hustlers as well," she explains. "So with permission from Lorene [Scafaria], our director, I did the makeup myself — which was fun because it was a lot of products that I would never, ever use in real life, like glittery eyeshadow and some cobalt blue eyeliner."

In her everyday life, the real Lili Reinhart is more like Betty Cooper than Annabelle, sticking with a pared-down makeup routine. "I'm usually a simple concealer, mascara, and eyebrow girl," she explains. "Except when I'm on a red carpet or traveling for press interviews. Then, I'll do a little more glam. But I'll never make my skin orange with bronzer or do any contour. I keep it pretty natural."

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