Only One Woman Actually Stormed Area 51 To “See Them Aliens”

Photo: Barry King/WireImage.
The "Storm Area 51" meme/event has finally come to a stunning conclusion. Well, stunning only if you actually believed that millions of people would show up to a highly secure military base and force their way in.
After all, even the creator of the original Facebook event said it was a joke. 
Reports now confirm that one woman managed to actually storm Area 51. And by storm we mean, she calmly walked past two gates before being briefly detained by the authorities and released at the scene.
One Twitter user captured the woman’s entry beyond the gates at Area 51.
As for the actual crowd size of people gathered at the gates, only about 20 people ever accumulated at once, Dazed reports. Throughout the day, reports estimate 200 people showed up to see the potential aliens, but only one woman actually crossed the barrier. Everyone else seemed to just be content to be at the once-in-a-lifetime event. 
The demise of the original 2 million-plus people who said they would turn up likely started because the official Facebook event was canceled last week, and disavowed by the creator. Then, the event was repackaged and resold as something like an Alien-con called “Alienstock,” and held at the same time 100 miles away in Las Vegas. 
Add in the fact that the Area 51 raid coincided with the Global Climate Strike, and it seemed that almost everyone had something better to do with their time. 
While we still don’t know if Area 51 indeed contains alien life and technology, perhaps alien enthusiasts will feel comforted that the U.S. Navy has allegedly confirmed those UFO videos released by Tom DeLonge were real and “shouldn’t have been released.” 
Coincidence? I just want to believe. 

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