All The Theories You Need To Know About American Horror Story: 1984

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It’s easy to get distracted by the campy aesthetic of American Horror Story’s ninth season, but don’t forget: There’s a psycho killer on the loose! Actually, in American Horror Story: 1984, there are multiple killers at large. 
In this slasher movie-inspired season, wide-eyed ingenue Brooke (Emma Roberts) narrowly escapes Los Angeles serial killer the Night Stalker by joining new friends for a counselor gig at Camp Redwood. Unfortunately, Brooke learns too late that the secluded lakeside camp has a blood history all its own. 
As revealed in the show’s first episode, former worker Mr. Jingles (portrayed by an unrecognizable John Carroll Lynch, the same man who terrified as Twisty the Clown on American Horror Story: Freak Show) killed nine people at Camp Redwood a decade earlier. When Mr. Jingles busts out of the mental institution that kept him locked away for years, it’s clear that his killing spree is only getting started. Not great news for Brooke, but definitely bad news for her coke-snorting, co-ed fornicating friends. (Haven’t they ever seen a slasher movie?)
American Horror Story: 1984 pays homage to iconic genre films like Friday the 13th, Halloween, Sleepaway Camp, and Nightmare on Elm Street. However, don’t expect a straight-up slasher with this series. On American Horror Story, things are rarely as they appear to be, and there’s always a twist that turns everything on its head.
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