Who’s Who In The New American Horror Story: 1984

1984 was an important year in horror. Freddie Krueger made his debut tip-toeing through Ohio teenagers' dreams and wreaking havoc in the Nightmare on Elm Street. Santa got scary in Silent Night, Deadly Night. Another chapter of Friday the 13th splattered blood on the screen.
The ninth season of American Horror Story brings the spirit of '80s slasher movies into 2019. The season, titled "1984," is set at a summer camp, a quintessential horror movie setting. Camp Redwood will have gore, sure – but also the arch humor, camp, and costumes that come along with a Ryan Murphy show.
Premiering October 18, AHS: 1984 will feature members of Murphy's stable of actors, as well as some new additions. Find out who's playing a camper and who's playing a real-life killer.

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