All Of The Scary Movies Referenced In American Horror Story: 1984

Photo: Courtesy of FX Networks.
American Horror Story steps back into the 1980s for it's most recent season. And we mean all the way back, revisiting the slasher films that were a huge hit in the decade. Ryan Murphy and company have created a mid-80s period piece for people who miss the blood-drench horror of '70s and '80s, served with a dash of psychotic serial killer motivation.
The series finds inspiration in all kind of classic horror films, pulling up the visuals of Friday the 13th, whose iconic campground and lake inspire the setting for season 9. Ahead, we investigate where AHS: 1984 borrows, and sometimes straight out steals, plot points straight from some of the best of the best in horror.
Because if you're watching with one eye closed and your hands over your eyes, you might have missed them!

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