Meet American Horror Story's Newest Killer

Photo: Courtesy of FX.
Over eight insane seasons, American Horror Story has introduced us to a slew of serial killers, both of the human and supernatural varieties. (Who could forget Cody Fern's recent turn in AHS: Apocalypse as the actual Antichrist?) American Horror Story's ninth season, subtitled 1984, is giving us major '80s slasher movie vibes — which means a knife-wielding psycho killer is inevitable. Thanks to a new promo for AHS season 9, we've finally been introduced.
On Monday, American Horror Story dropped a teaser for its upcoming season, revealing the name of the setting where all that horror is happening: Camp Redwood. Thus named for the blood that will run through it?!? We'll see!
In the teaser (which does not appear to feature the actors in the upcoming season, as is typical of AHS), a group of campers excitedly drive to the camp. They are seemingly unaware that on the opposite side of the Camp Redwood sign reads the word "Beware." Um, that's one incredibly unhelpful way to warn people.
The sign likely has to do with the person lurking underneath the pickup truck. We don't know his name, but we do know that he's wielding a huge knife and wearing a ski mask.
Campers, let's give a big Camp Redwood welcome to the latest American Horror Story villain!
Things get progressively worse when an unsuspecting sunbather lays out in a canoe, utterly vulnerable to attack. In the final moments of the promo, our still unnamed serial killer plunges a knife into her chest. Fortunately, the video cuts out just before we see any bloodshed.
The teaser in this promo may be connected to the previous cast introduction video that AHS dropped weeks ago. Two characters seem to share the same hair and penchant for leather as the masked killer does here. Coincidence, or is AHS stealthily narrowing down its suspects for us ahead of the show's premiere? Hmm.
American Horror Story: 1984 premieres September 18 on FX.

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