The American Horror Story: 1984 Trailer Is Absolutely Chaotic

Photo: courtesy of FX.
The trailer for American Horror Story: 1984 is out, introducing the season's gruesome mystery, as well as aerobics and someone named "Mr. Jingles." It's going to be one hell of a season at Camp Redwood.
The chaotic new trailer for season 9 of Ryan Murphy's anthology series stars Emma Roberts as a nice girl/aerobics enthusiast who is persuaded by Cody Fern to become a counselor at a camp that is opening a few hours away. Unfortunately, Camp Redwood has its fair share of bad times — including the "worst summer massacre" of all time. The summer massacre, which left the bunks of Camp Redwood stained with blood and struck fear into the hearts of the veteran counselors, has something to do with "Mr. Jingles," a man who escaped from an insane asylum.
Exactly what happened the summer of Mr. Jingles' asylum escape is unclear. We also don't know whether it has anything to do with a home invasion that occurred shortly before the new camp counselors headed off into their summer of fun. I mean, it probably does, right? Also, did Fern's character hit someone with his car and cover it up? The nerve!
American Horror Story: 1984 is inspired by slasher movies of the '80s, including (now incredibly problematic) Sleepaway Camp, A Nightmare on Elm Street, Halloween and the ultimate counselors-behaving-badly flick, Friday the 13th. An earlier teaser for the show revealed a character that could be our Mr. Jingles, hiding underneath what appears to be Fern's character's car. We know he's a bad guy because, well, he's wielding a knife and wearing a ski mask. However, he certainly looks like he could be the man featured at the end of the season's cast reveal video.
Check out the trailer below. American Horror Story: 1984 drops on September 18.

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