It Sure Sounds Like Whitney & Connor Were Together After Bachelor In Paradise

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UPDATE: This story was originally published on Sept. 17.
According to People, shortly after the reunion aired, Connor Saeli and Whitney Fransway split.
Original article continues:
Coming at the end of Bachelor In Paradise is basically a waste of time — unless you’re in the game for Instagram sponsorships and not love.
At the end of the few weeks of filming, most of the Bachelor In Paradise couples are already solid, and if they’re not, you definitely don’t have enough time to decide to get engaged or even stay together. Every so often, though, there’s a diamond in the rough, an exception to the rule — but how in the hell did Whitney Fransway and Connor Saeli even get together on Bachelor In Paradise?
Connor had been around for, oh, three episodes on Bachelor In Paradise, and he thought that Caelynn Miller-Keyes was going to be his OTP of the Bachelor In Paradise franchise. It was a good guess, at least, on Connor's part. It seemed like it could happen, for a minute, maybe… but then Dean Unglert came back to fetch Caelynn, and Caelynn rode Dean's showerless van into the sunset (I hope she has invested in lots of wet wipes). Connor was sad… until he remembered that he had spoken to Whitney, another human woman, at Chris (aka Goose) and Whitney’s Paradise wedding, and they hit it off!
Really, they just said “hi” and looked at each other a lot, but hey — that could be a moment. We can't know what their eyes revealed, OK? So suffice it to say that audiences were shocked (but like, not that shocked, because it’s a Bachelor show) when Connor called it quits and Whitney arrived in Paradise, in that order, about fifteen minutes different of each other. All Connor wanted was to meet Whitney! But then Whitney showed up at Connor’s hotel room, because of course she did. And a love match was made.
Though their love story is unconventional in terms of Bachelor In Paradise, it worked out for them, because Connor tweeted something about it “all worked out in the end.” It sure sounds like it.
At the Bachelor In Paradise reunion special, Chris Harrison of course had to bring up all of the dumping and sadness that Connor went through before he got together with Whitney. Caelynn admitted that she liked Connor, but her connection with Dean was too strong, even though Dean had hurt her when he left Bachelor In Paradise to find a new bolo tie to wear. Caelynn did apologize, though, and this story has a happy ending — because Connor and Whitney are still dating. Hooray! Chris Harrison asked Connor how his life was doing post-Caelynn and with Whitney, and Connor had nothing but nice things to say. "Things are going really well, actually... We've seen each other a bunch since [the show], and it's going really well," Connor said. He's not exactly a sparkling conversationalist, but it's nice to know that a sweet guy like Connor found something worthwhile too.
Again, it might not be the most traditional way of coupling in Paradise — waiting for the person you wanted to walk onto the beach and then leaving to fetch her — but at this stage in the series, anything goes. Cheers to Whitney and Connor!

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