Connor S.'s 2020 Bachelor Chances Could Be Totally Dashed Already

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Now that Hannah’s season of The Bachelorette is winding towards the finale (even though all of this Luke P. drama feels like it’s been happening for years), it’s time to start thinking about who will be the next Bachelor.
Yes, we have a season of Bachelor In Paradise (a.k.a. the best show on network television) to get through before Bachelor filming even begins, but it's never too early to ask which contestant from Hannah’s season will get the crown and while there are many great guys, one dark horse candidate must be addressed: Will Connor S. be the next Bachelor? A 24-year-old investment banker from Dallas, Connor S., hasn’t stirred up too much drama this season — it has been a very Luke P.-focused ride — but he did manage to stand out for being just the sweetest (Connor and Hannah's post-hospital date, anyone?). If Hannah doesn’t take him all the way, Connor may actually have the goods to go the distance with America, ABC, and 30 very special women who are all there for the right reasons.
Yes, there is always the chance that ABC will opt for a Bachelor from a past year — it happened with Nick Viall and Arie Luyendyk, Jr., in recent years — but since 2018 Bachelorette cast-off Colton Underwood nabbed last year’s Bachelor honors in fence-jumping, there’s an OK chance that 2020's leading man will be from Hannah’s season. There are a few pros and cons to having that dude be Connor, and one con that just might be tough to overcome:
Pro: He Charmed The Fans
His post-hospital date with Hannah was the stuff of rom-coms. He left sticky notes all over her room, telling her all the things he likes about her, and was completely understanding and chill about the fact that she was too ill to spend a ton of time with him. He's a gem and the fans certainly agree.
Con: He Doesn't Seem To Be A Frontrunner Anymore
While Hannah was let go before Hometowns on Colton's season and still made it to Bachelorette status, falling out of the frontrunner slot doesn't bode well for becoming a lead later on. Connor S. has been sweet since Day 1, but his screen time is slipping lately, which means he may be on his way out very soon (and too soon to nab that Bachelor title).
Pro: He’s Outdoorsy
Connor S.’s Instagram is full of snaps of him hiking and flying and generally being sporty. This translates to plenty of wilderness-focused dates for him and his contestants. Think of it: rappelling down mountains, climbing up waterfalls, jumping out of planes, fighting off Kodiak bears — the options for drama are endless. This would be good TV.
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Con: He’s Young
We are digging for cons here but he is only 24. And while 24-year-olds are absolutely more than capable of falling in love and getting married and all the things that other adults do, both Colton and Hannah were young and their seasons have been feast-or-famine whiplashes of either extreme boredom or extreme drama. Need we remind you that they did a clip show in episode six of The Bachelorette this season? Maybe we shy away from another 24-year-old, just to shake things up. Besides, the US Census Bureau keeps telling us people are waiting later and later to get married these days, so maybe we should listen, even on reality TV?
Pro: He’s In It For The Adventure
Connor S. likes to travel and wants a partner to do so with him. That’s basically the only thing that happens on The Bachelor. A bunch of people travel together and some of them fall in love (with the same person, but still). Connor is ready and primed for this challenge.
Con: He’s Too Handsome
Ran out of cons, sorry. He’s tall and has a jaw that could cut glass. He has all of his hair and a boyish smile. Even if he’s not “your type,” Connor S. is objectively handsome and would be just fine to watch on TV for 12 consecutive Monday nights.
Handsome. Charming. Stays (mostly) away from drama. Yeah, it seems like Connor S. wouldn’t be a bad pick for Bachelor at all... if he can manage to get past that pesky little screen time issue.

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