Yeah, It's Already Time To Ask Who Will Be The Bachelor In 2020

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We might still be watching Luke P drama (please, god, make it stop), but we actually are pretty far into Hannah B’s Bachelorette season. There are only 12 contestants left and one of these 12 men will be either Hannah’s husband or a guy she dates for a couple months before they release a joint statement about their breakup. Ah, romance! And on top of that, one of Hannah’s 12 guys will be the next Bachelor.
Well, probably. There is a chance that the show will recruit a man from a previous season to lead the show. (This is what happened with Arie Luyendyk Jr. and Nick Viall, for example.) But, in more cases than not, the Bachelor or Bachelorette is a castoff from the most recent season of the show. They’re also often a castoff who left the show fairly late in the game once the audience had gotten to know them. Hannah herself came in “seventh place” on The Bachelor, which is actually fairly early for most Bachelorette candidates. A lot of leads have made it at least to hometowns, meaning they were in the top four.
Which leads us to who is likely to become the Bachelor in 2020. There are already a few clear frontrunners for the coveted position, even though none of them have technically been booted yet and a few of them are equally likely to be the last man standing.
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Mike has done something that is nearly impossible this season: Report complaints about another contestant (Luke P) to the Bachelorette without it coloring her opinion of him. And in addition to that impressive maneuvering, Mike and Hannah had a super cute one-on-one date that couldn’t have painted him in a better light. First, they got tipsy and explored Scotland together, then they had a more serious time at dinner where he opened up about his past relationship. Suffice it to say, people took note. As expressed in many tweets, a lot of fans want the 31-year-old as the Bachelor. He’s has a silly side. He’s willing to open up. And he’d be the first black Bachelor ever, which is beyond long overdue.
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Like Mike, Jed also managed a tricky move when he told Hannah he was originally motivated to come on the show for the wrong reasons (to promote his music), but actually did end up falling for her. Now, he’s one of the strongest contestants to make it to the end with Hannah. If they don’t end up together, though, he could make for an interesting Bachelor contestant. He’s won fans over with his talent, his humor, and that time he expertly handled walking in on Hannah and Luke making out. The only thing that could potentially make Jed a harder sell is his age. He’s 25 now and assuming he would turn 26 by the time the show started filming, hee would be tied with Colton Underwood for the second youngest Bachelor ever. (Jesse Palmer was the youngest ever at age 25.)
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Tyler C.

Bachelor Nation is obsessed with Tyler C. Obsessed. There are memes on memes on memes about how attractive everyone finds him. But aside from his looks, viewers really fell for Tyler during his one-on-one with Hannah. It followed a terrible group date (thanks again, Luke P), but he comforted her about it and gave a little monologue about how he wants her at her highs and her lows. He seems sweet, but could Tyler handle leading his own season? That’s for the producers to decide, but there would be a ton of happy fans if he was chosen. (For the record, he’s 26, so he would also be a young Bachelor compared to most of the past leads.)
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Lastly, we have Peter the pilot. Peter the pilot who put Hannah on a pool table. Viewers immediately liked the 27-year-old because he just seems so genuine. Even though pretty much everyone on the show is involved in the Luke P drama, Peter has stayed out of things. He’s above the drama — or he’s already getting a Bachelor edit that shows him as a nice, likeable guy, who’s only there for the right reasons. Hannah clearly likes him. He’s obviously going to make it far into the season. Of all the options here, Peter seems like the safest, most obvious pick for the Bachelor. He’d be like a Ben Higgins sort of lead. That said, this show has also chosen Arie, Colton, Nick Viall recently, so the obvious pick who everyone likes definitely isn’t always the one who is chosen.

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