The Latest Bachelor In Paradise Promo Clues Us Into Who’s Probably Getting Engaged

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ABC’s annual summer of love — also known as Bachelor In Paradise — is almost over, and so now, the betting can commence on just who gets engaged on Bachelor In Paradise. So many men and women have run in and out of the beach this year that it’s become a little hard to track, so let’s take a look on who may end up together — and who will go home to sob into pillows and eat a lot of ice cream.
I have to say, season 6 of Bachelor In Paradise started out really, really strong… and then, it got a little boring. Maybe it was that Blake’s whole “I allegedly hooked up with half the cast at Stagecoach” thing came in too hot and nothing after really compared. Maybe it was because Blake’s drama was the only serious issue. But once most of the couples got settled, it seemed like they were really settled. (There are a few notables who don’t follow this rule, but I’ll get to that in a moment.) Could this be the chillest season of Bachelor In Paradise ever? Ha, there’s no such thing as a “chill” season of Bachelor In Paradise. There were only fewer tears this year because Ashley Iaconetti is now happily married and off the beach. But if you missed the crying jags and emotional outbursts, get ready for the Bachelor In Paradise finale, because the tissues will be needed. The promo for the Bachelor In Paradise finale provides significant clues‚ let’s take a look at the already-formed couples.

Clay Harbour & Nicole Lopez-Alvar

These two were doing well until Clay’s ex, Angela Amezcua, showed up and sent Clay into a tailspin. How dare she date other men in front of him while he dates another woman in front of her! The lunacy! But just when it seems that Clay and Nicole were able to get things back on track, the finale promo shows Clay literally sweatin’ when Nicole asks if he is in love with her. Oh, honey. These two are so not getting engaged.

Hannah Godwin & Dylan Barbour

Hannah was part of Blake’s original sexcapades, but thankfully, she got her head pulled on straight and chose sweet, sweet Dylan to spend her time with. The promo shows them, as always, smooching, and even though they didn’t start out the season together, these two might be the most solid couple on Bachelor In Paradise. This relationship will totally continue — ring or no ring.

Chris Bukowski & Katie Morton

The Bachelor’s resident old guy (or “not Gerard Butler,” as a Bachelor intern probably put in Chris’ chyron) and Katie have had a relatively drama-free time in Paradise. The finale promo wants us to think that there are tears and indecision here, but since Chris already asked Katie to be his girlfriend for reals, these two will probably get engaged, too.

Kristina Schulman & Blake Horstmann

Oh, no. These two can’t get engaged. Why? Because they’re definitely not romantically interested in each other. Blake only came back to Kristina because he had no one left, and he dropped lines from every romantic comedy in the book to get a rose from her. Kristina knows it, and since she’s shaming him about “running away” in the finale promo, Kristina and Blake are definitely not making it past the next rose ceremony.

Demi Burnett & Kristian Haggerty

Demi went out on a huge limb to bring her girlfriend to Paradise, but it seems like it’s working out. Demi has expressed that she’s so into Kristian and that she is everything she wants in a relationship. Unfortunately, Demi is also seen in the promo crying and saying that she doesn’t want to be judged for her same-sex relationship. Oh, Demi. You do you — and get engaged to that pretty girl!

Tayshia Adams & John Paul Jones

Engaged? These two? God, no. Tayshia is only with John Paul Jones because he is the only one left to date at this point. She couldn’t even choose him the first time around. The man likes chicken nuggets way too much. In the promo Tayshia also runs away, saying, "I’m sorry!" So, let’s face it — there’s no engagement here.
Well, Bachelor In Paradise fans, it was nice while it lasted. But nothing gold — including Paradise sunsets — can stay.

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