Blake's Situation In The New Bachelor In Paradise Promo Is (Spoiler!) Stagecoach Related

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Blake Horstmann's Stagecoach drama doesn't seem to be over yet thanks to fellow festival goer Bri Barnes' arrival to Bachelor in Paradise. She was sent home pretty early during Colton Underwood's Bachelor season, but she seems to make a big splash on BiP. The promo for Tuesday's Sept. 3 Bachelor in Paradise episode showed Bri's arrival sending waves through a potential Kristina Schulman and Blake reunion and once again putting Blake in the center of all the drama.
Before Bri came on the show, Blake and Kristina seemed to be deciding to give things another go. The promo showed Blake telling Kristina, "I'm all in on you," and Chris Harrison's voice over said, "Blake and Kristina give love another chance." Enter Bri to stir things up.
Once Bri hit the beach, the promo cut to Kristina snapping her fingers in front of Blake's blank face in an attempt to get his attention. Later, Blake was shown walking with Bri — who had a date card in hand. Is Blake about to go on yet another date with someone who is not Kristina? If so, it's hard to blame Kristina for storming off in the preview saying, "It's frustrating, you guys." Blake was also shown talking about bridges he's burned — perhaps his potential romance with Kristina being one of them. Of course, promos can be misleading, so all of those scenes may not necessarily have to do with Bri. But, if the drama was about Bri, it may have to do with Stagecoach.
Just like Blake met Caelynn Miller Keyes and Tayshia Adams and Caitlin Clemmens at Stagecoach in April and then struck up brief romances with them before or during Paradise, he may have also met Bri at the festival and have eyes for her when she comes to the beach. Bri was also at the festival, and, although she didn't take any photos with her fellow Bachelor Nation stars for Instagram, she may well have been hanging with that group over the festival weekend.
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In any case, Kristina may be the bridge Blake burns for good in the next BiP episode. If she was willing to try again with him, and he was so bold to say, "I'm all in on you" only to go after the new woman on the beach, it would be hard to see Kristina giving him another chance after that. She didn't come back to Paradise to repeat her Dean love triangle, and she likely won't let Blake treat her like that time and time again.
Blake sure was friendly at Stagecoach, so it wouldn't be surprising if that's how Bri knows him. Viewers don't yet know how this Blake, Bri, Kristina thing will turn out — but what we do know is that after all the trouble Stagecoach has caused him on BiP, he'd be a fool to go back next year.

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