Here's How Much Bachelor In Paradise We Have Left In 2019

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UPDATE: This story was originally published on Sept. 3, 2019.
Summer is almost over, and so is Bachelor in Paradise — which is wild because it seems like there is so much more ground to cover still in the few episodes that Bachelor in Paradise has left. As of now, it looks like BiP is scheduled for a Sept. 17 finale date, with the reunion special airing the Tuesday after Dancing With The Stars premieres.
At least those final few hours will have a ton of topics to cover — likely making for jam-packed, exciting episodes. Here's what fans can look forward to still getting to see explored in the final moments.
The Remaining Couples Will Become A Focus
As the show wraps up, the major couples (who are also usually pretty drama free) will likely get more air time to show their deepening relationships. This season, those standout couples include Dylan Barbour and Hannah Godwin, Chris Bukowski and Katie Morton, Demi Burnett and Kristian Haggerty, and Nicole Alvar-Lopez and Clay Harbor. There will also likely be resolution coming for the more on and off couples like Kristina Schulman and Blake Horstmann, Caelynn Miller-Keyes and Dean Unglert, and John Paul Jones and Tayshia Adams.
New Contestants Will Stop Showing Up Soon
We've seen that Colton Underwood's contestant Bri Barnes hit the beach, but expect the arrivals to end after around Sept. 9. Because it's not really fair for a new entrant to come into the game super late and only have a day or two in Paradise and no real shot at finding lasting love, arrivals usually stop a few days and an episode or two before the Fantasy Suites and finale episodes. Expect two or three other people to join Bri on Sept. 9, since the show has been adding roughly that amount per episode, and then the arrivals will likely cease for the season.
Fantasy Suites Are Coming Up
Previews have hinted that Demi and Kristian go to the Fantasy Suites as well as Dylan and Hannah and Katie and Chris. If anyone else goes, the previews haven't shown that yet. The Fantasy Suite dates will likely take place during Tuesday's Sept. 10 episode, as they usually occur one episode before the finale to give the couples a chance to see if they want to propose in the end.
Couples Will Decide To Stay Together Or Break Up & Head Home
Every season, host Chris Harrison gives the remaining a contestants an ultimatum. You either stay together as a couple on the show or you go home. Expect a mass exodus in this episode (usually airing in the second to to last episode with the Fantasy Suites) as anyone who's not coupled up leaves and any couples who don't think they're serious enough head out as well.
Then It's Time For Proposals
The previews for the Paradise finale make it seem like there will be at least three proposals, with Demi and Kristian likely being one of them since Demi was shown in one preview walking up to the proposal area. Other contenders for a proposal will be anyone who goes to the Fantasy Suites and survives the make it or break it portion of the season. The proposals usually take place in the second half of the penultimate episode, likely airing on Tuesday, Sept. 10.
The Reunion Will Catch Everybody Up
This season of Bachelor In Paradise filmed back in June, so viewers will need to be caught up as to what's happened IRL since then. To answer any questions, Chris Harrison will sit down with the cast during a reunion, which typically airs in the second half of the finale after the proposals. It's there that fans will learn who is still together and/or who has broken up for good.
The New Bachelor Will Likely Be Announced
Filming for The Bachelor typically begins in mid to late September, so the announcement of who the leading man will be is likely to come at the very end of the BiP reunion on Sept. 17. There are reports that Peter Weber from Hannah Brown's Bachelorette season is likely to be chosen, but those reports will be confirmed or denied once Bachelor in Paradise ends and Harrison officially announces the next Bachelor in the closing moments of the show.
So, yes, the show is speeding towards an ending in just one week, but there's still a lot to unfold before the finale draws to a close. Buckle up and get the popcorn (and wine) ready.

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