The Full Sturgeon Moon Is In Aquarius, So Expect The Unexpected

Photographed by Megan Madden.
The full moon is in Aquarius tonight, so get ready for a strange time. Sometimes called the weirdo of the zodiac (in an affectionate way, of course), Aquarius is associated with eccentricity, idealism, and innovation. August’s full moon is sometimes called the Sturgeon Moon, Corn Moon, Green Corn Moon, Grain Moon, or Blueberry Moon because it’s the time of year when sturgeon (a type of fish) are easily caught, corn and grain is growing, and blueberries are ready to harvest.
In astrology, full moons signify a sense of completeness or an ending. “Like with every full moon, when the moon opposes the sun, we can expect certain situations to reach a highlight or come to an end, especially those related to seeds we planted during the last new moon, which occurred in Leo two weeks ago,” explains Narayana Montúfar, Senior Astrologer for and
The effects of the full moon are influenced by the position of the other planets, and “This particular full moon is a busy one!” says Montúfar. “This moon is highly influenced by Venus, the planet of desire, art, money, and beauty — as she travels through the heart of the sun, she is illuminating issues related to what we love and what we value the most as well as how we present ourselves to the external world.”
She adds, “Mars (god of war and sex), asteroid Juno (goddess of marriage) and asteroid Vesta (goddess of healing) are also involved, meaning that the issues brought by this overall energy will feel very personal, very close to our hearts, and possibly intense. Uranus, the ruling planet of this full moon, just turned retrograde in Taurus on August 11th, which could bring a sudden change in personal plans due to unpredictable causes and strange or unexplained incidents. In other words, expect the unexpected!”
During this full moon, people whose birth charts have planets between 17 and 27 degrees of fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius) will be especially affected. But we all may notice some effects, no matter our signs.
“When the unexpected happens, the best way to handle this energy if by keeping an open mind, going with the flow, and detach as much as possible from the result,” says Montúfar. “Because of the ‘fixed quality’ of all the cosmic players involved (meaning all these planets are in fixed signs), this is not bound to be easy. However, with Venus in Leo shining her glamorous bright light surrounding the days of this full moon, we can fully tap into our bold uniqueness so we can release old relational patterns and let go of old personal fixations.”

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