A Handy Guide To All Your Must-See Fall 2019 TV Premieres

Photo: Courtesy of ABC.
New stationary. Pumpkin picking. The crisp chill in the air. Those are all reasons to love the coming of autumn. But, the true pinnacle of fall is the return of fall TV.
That is the season when so many of your favorite shows return from their lengthy hiatuses. That means more Riverdale, more 13 Reasons Why, more American Horror Story, more Mrs. Maisel, and, certainly, a lot more Grey's Anatomy. And this fall 2019 will also see the comeback of dozens of other beloved series as well (welcome back, The Crown!).
This is a reason to celebrate... and maybe stress out. How is anyone meant to keep all of these premieres straight between traditional network TV, cable, and streaming?
Our handy guide, of course. We picked out all the coming TV debuts you'll actually care about and put them together in a helpful schedule. Keep reading to find out when your favorite shows will return, what you can expect from their coming season, and how to watch their trailers ASAP.

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