Breaking Down The New 13 Reasons Why Trailer

The 13 Reasons Why new premiere date is here (August 23, mark your calendars), along with the show's new season 3 trailer. This is the first totally Hannah-less (Katherine Langford) season (although I am sure she will be mentioned, as it was she who intertwined all the main character's lives with her death), the first promo for the upcoming season introduces a new narrator, and a new death.
Picking up eighth months after Liberty High's Spring Fling took a dangerous turn when Tyler (Devin Druid) showed up armed and ready to do the unthinkable, the rest of the crew — Clay (Dylan Minnette), Tony (Christian Navarro), Jessica (Alisha Boe), Zach (Ross Butler), Justin (Brandon Flynn), and Alex (Miles Heizer) — decide it's best to help their friend work through his pain. (In case you can't remember what happened to Tyler, read this, but know that it's sensitive.)
But it's not just about Tyler, or the new narrator named Ani — played by newcomer Grace Saif —  who appears to be an outsider narrating the absolutely bonkers lives of Liberty High students. It's also about Bryce (Justin Prentice), who appears to have disappeared or died — or both. The trailer shows his former friends and enemies at his funeral, and the trailer makes it seem like it was not a natural death when it asks, "Who Killed Bryce Walker?" According to a season summary from Netflix, Clay is somehow involved in the investigation, along with our new girl Ani.
Getting into the more specific plot lines, it looks like Jessica has become a vocal feminist in her school's halls, standing up to the jocks, armed with girl power posters. The Liberty High football dudes, meanwhile, have their own niche drama as we see Alex threatening Monty (Timothy Granaderos), season 2's biggest villain. And then, things get bloody — narrator and newbie Ani is seen scrubbing what appears to be blood from a shirt. The season immediately cuts to a Grease-ified Clay, who stands ominously with his classmates at Bryce's funeral.
Bryce Walker's mom, Nora (Brenda Strong), begs the students to please say something if they have any information about her son's whereabouts. In the trailer's last second, Clay's breaths in sharply and looks Nora's way. What does he know?!
The clip ends with a prompt for readers to go to "" (which appears to only work on cell phones) to start their own investigation into the disappearance of the show's most controversial character.
In addition to all the new plot lines, characters, and secrets, one more thing is unclear: What are the new tapes? Guess we have a few more weeks till we find out.

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