Lili Reinhart Thinks Betty Cooper Will Get Married On Riverdale Before She Does

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Brace yourselves, Riverdale fans: Betty Cooper might be getting married! Well, maybe. Well...not exactly, but Lili Reinhart thinks it might happen.
In a “Screen Test” video interview with W Magazine, Reinhart stated that she thinks her character, Betty, will be getting married before she does, implying she is in no rush to get married herself.
“I don't know if you'll see it in the show, but I think Betty will get married before I get married. How about that,” she said in the interview.
As for her reasoning, Reinhart appears to be focused on her career. And it’s got nothing to do with her alleged breakup with Cole Sprouse.
“Filming Riverdale, I'm doing things now in my life that I never would have ever thought I'd get to experience — like, I got to fire a gun, not that I even had an interest in doing that,” she explained.
It’s a rare personal nugget from Reinhart, who has kept her private life very private — including her romance with Sprouse. She previously told the magazine that it was his idea to keep things on the down low, but that she had come to see the appeal. “No one knows how long we’ve been together, and no one will until we’re ready to say it,” Reinhart told W. “No one knows how we fell in love, except for our close friends and us.
This comment comes on the coattails of rumors that Reinhart and Sprouse recently split up. While it isn’t 100% clear if the couple has actually broken up — Reinhart addressed it on Twitter — this is at least an indication that wedding bells may not be in the immediate future for the couple.
Whether Sproushart is or isn’t on, Riverdale fans can be assured that at least Betty and Jughead will still be going strong for season 4 of Riverdale. Both Reinhart and Sprouse confirmed at San Diego Comic-Con that Betty and Jughead may face some stress given that Jughead will be attending prep school outside of Riverdale, but will ultimately come out stronger.
"I think it might be a little bit tense. They might fall, turn away from each other, only to come back together way stronger. I think they're gonna be really good,” said Sprouse, according to Entertainment Tonight.
Betty and Jughead may one day be headed down the aisle after some turmoil, but for now, it appears that Reinhart is content to keep her romantic life as it currently is — shrouded in mystery.

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