This Is What Sex With A Leo Is Like

Photographed by Natalia Mantini.
Leo is the sign of the lion, and just like you might expect, this sign is fiery, passionate, and likes to take charge. “Leo is the King of the Jungle,” astrologer Constance Stellas, author of Sex Signs: Your Perfect Match Is in the Stars and The Little Book Of Self-Care For Leo, tells Refinery29. “Leo likes to light their own fire and those of other people. Enthusiasm is their way of life. Leo is very outgoing and very performance-oriented. There are some introverted Leos, but for the most part, this sign wants to be center stage."
Assertive and bold, Leo likes to make the first move. And when going on a date, Leo likes to keep things interesting. “It doesn’t have to be outrageous, like bungee jumping,” Stellas explains. “But the idea of crafting a whole experience is very Leo. It might be an unusual Off-Off-Off Broadway show. It has to be something engaging.”
The whole sexual experience is important to Leo, too. "The most important part of romance and sex for Leo is fun and joy," Stellas says. This fiery sign doesn't go in for overly complicated sex positions, tending to stick to the classics, such as missionary, cowgirl, or doggy. Connecting with their partner is more important than anything else. “They’re romantic and passionate,” Stellas says. “It can be quick, it can be long, it can be outside, it can be inside, but when that flame emerges, Leo is there.”
Leos are known for their love of the spotlight and have an exhibitionist streak when it comes to sex. “Leo, probably more than other sign, has no hangups about public sex,” Stellas says. “They don’t want to be arrested, but if the urge comes, they’ll go for it. Other signs would say, ‘Oh no, someone might see us,’ but Leo doesn’t care.”
While not commitment-phobic, Leos aren’t serial monogamists, either. It takes them a while to commit, but once they do, they’re loyal. Leos are very focused on appearance. They love it when you dress up for them, and they love to show you off. “It’s a turn on, and it’s important for Leo’s self-image,” Stellas explains. Leos also love compliments about their own appearance, so go into detail about your favorite part of your Leo partner's body, or rave over how hot they look in lingerie.
Stellas adds that Leo is “the sign of the actor.” So go ahead and suggest a role-play scenario to your Leo partner. Get out the costumes and plan out a scene — Leos love to put on a performance. Often, Leos have a high libido. So after sex, don't be surprised if your Leo asks if you're up for round two.

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