Does Peter Weber's Ex-Girlfriend Drama Dash His Bachelor Chances?

Photo: Courtesy of ABC.
This season on The Bachelorette, Peter — more affectionately known as Pilot Peter — has definitely gotten fans’ attention. People are starting to wonder if Peter will be the next Bachelor, and if you're the sort of fan who only follows along with Bachelorette drama as it happens on the show, that makes a lot of sense. If you've followed some recent claims that he dumped his reportedly serious ex-girlfriend for The Bachelorette, however, that question takes on some new weight.
Of course, before the ex story broke, Peter already had plenty of competition, most notably via Mike Johnson, who's already got fans leading a Bachelor campaign on his behalf. But for many fans, seeing Peter (and his planes) all season long has the potential to make for an interesting season, especially if fans continue to be charmed, even after the girlfriend drama (it's entirely possible fans will be too distracted by Jed Wyatt and Luke P. drama for this story to take hold).
Even with all this off-screen tumult, the show has laid some clues that Peter is, at the very least, on The Bachelor casting shortlist:
He’s Stayed Out Of The Drama (Well, The On-Screen Drama, That Is)
Even though drama makes for great TV (especially where the Bach franchise is concerned), it doesn’t always make for a great candidate for Bachelor. The person running the show has to be at least somewhat level headed, right? And that seems to be Peter. He stayed out of all of the Luke P. stuff, unlike many of the rest of the men… and he came out looking like the mature one at the end of it all. Of course, if the recent reports that he may have ditched a girlfriend to go on The Bachelorette continue to be a thing, all that normal dude behavior on TV might not go all that far.
He’s Passed The Hometowns Mile Marker
Most Bachelor and Bachelorette leads are contestants who have made it through to the last episodes of the season, and that definitely applies to Peter since he made it through Hometowns to the Fantasy Suites. He’s spent enough time on screen to get fans to really root for him, and most importantly, actually know him.
His Family Really Laid The Unlucky In Love Act On Thick
Peter’s family was genuinely adorable on his hometown date, and unlike Jed's family (who should get an award for their collective ability to warn Hannah off their boy), they really sold the narrative that Peter is ready to find a wife and start his own family — obviously, that’s key if you’re going to be The Bachelor for the purpose of, you know, finding a wife and starting a family. Most importantly, they seem to be willing to support him in anything that makes him happy, and he’ll need that if he’s going to take another journey on The Bachelor.
He Seems Pretty Single Right Now
According to his Instagram, it seems like Peter is still living the single life, which is clearly a requirement for being the next Bachelor (and being a Bachelorette contestant, which apparently merits some explaining after this season).
If Peter does become ABC’s next leading man, it'll be thanks to other contestants overshadowing his own little scandal — and unfortunately, for us, the Bachelor announcement usually comes after Bachelor in Paradise, so we have to wait a little longer to find out how this all shakes out.

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