Mike Johnson Should 1000 Percent Be The Next Bachelor

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As Hannah narrows her pool of Bachelorette men down to find a fiancé, fans are beginning to see standout options for the next Bachelor (no, Luke P. is not one of them). For example, when franchise creator Mike Fleiss asked on Twitter, "U see Bachelor material out there???" many of the top responses called for Mike Johnson to be the 2020 Bachelor. This request doesn't come out of nowhere. So far this season, Mike has shown himself to total Bachelor material — particularly during his one-on-one date with Hannah in Scotland.
The date gave Mike the opportunity to show off both his silly side and his serious side. That's key — not just to becoming a fan favorite, but also to carrying an entire season of reality TV on his very broad shoulders.
In the beginning, quite a few aspects of this show are, frankly, ridiculous. There are costumes, funny intros, and quirky group dates, so the next Bachelor needs to be a guy who can have fun. But, as the show heads towards the end, it's legitimate a place where people are trying to find love, and the ability to have serious conversations is important. Fortunately, Mike possesses both aspects in his personality. He can eat sour candy on a date and make funny faces that'll be spliced into a dramatic promo later, but he can also have a serious conversation with Hannah about real things.
Mike admitted on his date with Hannah that he was scared of getting his heart broken like the last time he was in love. He said that because of past experiences, "It takes me longer than the average person to fall in love." He also said, "I'm not one to open up to everybody … and I'm even more like that with things of love." Those could be potential downfalls of a Bachelor. The show moves at a quick pace and you do have to get vulnerable and be open to the potential of love. But as "terrified" as Mike admitted he was to fall in love again, he also appreciated how the experience of the show could lead to that.
Hannah acknowledged that the show is "a very scary way to find love, but for it to ever work you have to take the risk," and Mike wholeheartedly agreed. "That's facts," he said in response. Even though he admittedly struggles with opening up, he also seems to understand that you can find love on this show if you lean into it. If he's able to convince producers that he can at least meet the women on his season halfway with opening up, then this Bachelor title could certainly be his. Plus, is anyone else hearing a pre-written Bachelor premiere reel in all this?
Even more importantly, Mike knows what he wants and is not taking any crap along the way to finding it. He hasn't really participated in any of the over-the-top fights this season that have been driving Hannah bonkers. He mostly just minds his own business and focuses on her. When he does tattle, he does so without making it about himself. More of this, please!
Then there's the fact that he had a line during his date with Hannah about being ready for this next step in his life, a.k.a. the voice-over for his future Bachelor commercial: "I'm 31 years old. I've learned a lot of things in my life. I've been around the world, and I truly know who I am and I know what I want. I'm really ready," he said. "I can see myself getting down on one knee in a few weeks, if I'm ever so lucky."
It seems like he's already on board with a very short path to romance, provided he has feelings for the person. Plus, the fact that he knows what he wants will mean he's there to be serious about finding a fiancée. Fans crave a no-BS approach to this show, and Mike's got it.
Mike would also be the first black Bachelor, which is an insane sentence to type in 2019 (seriously, how has this not happened yet?). But beyond that, Mike is genuinely perfect for the job in so many ways. As long as the producers agree, he could be getting that Bachelor call soon.

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